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Space Gays Battle the Patriarchy in Hannah Templer's Cosmoknights

Top Shelf has announced Cosmoknights, a new comic by Hannah Templer which will start as a webcomic, available at, and will be published as a graphic novel in Fall 2019 The headline pretty much says it all, but a press release provides some more details: Top Shelf Productions will publish the solo debut graphic novel[...]

IDW to Donate Portion of All Proceeds for Jekyll Island Chronicles to National WWI Memorial

A press release provides the finer details: With its second volume landing in bookstores everywhere this week, The Jekyll Island Chronicles is an award-winning series of alternate-history graphic novels, featuring an unlikely band of World War I veterans who continue to serve their country by battling an anarchist cabal in a post-war era of invention.On the[...]


Cat'N'Bat Creator and Animator Sashko Danylenko Talks Off-Color Humor and Omitting Dialogue

I showed it to some friends, and they recommended me to write to a publisher and see what they say." Published by Top Shelf Productions, the stories in Cat’N’Bat have no dialogue or conversations between the characters According to Danylenko, that was intentional to appeal to international audiences.Danylenko noted on the adult themes of the stories: “I[...]

Ryan Gosling Is Developing Jeff Lemire's Underwater Welder

Lemire, Chris Staros of Top Shelf and Ted Adams of IDW will produce.Anonymous entertainment recently produced Spotlight and The Revenant Gosling and Kao worked together on The Nice Guys and Song to Song.   Jeff Lemire's graphic novel, The Underwater Welder, is getting a big screen adaptation by Ryan Gosling, Ken Kao and Anonymous Entertainment.It tells[...]

Congressman John Lewis' March Series Concludes In August

It seems appropriate that Top Shelf announced the third and final segment in Congressman John Lewis' autobiographical series March The award winning series tells of Lewis' time in the Civil Rights Movement with Dr Martin Luther King and the historical march on Selma.A book like this is important to remind us not only how far[...]

A 10-Page Preview Of Top Shelf's New Graphic Novel The Fun Family

Top Shelf is bringing The Fun Family to comic shops this June The story by Benjamin Frisch is a funny, haunting and though-provoking deconstruction of an American art form, the suburban family comic strip. Beloved cartoonist Robert Fun has earned a devoted following for his circle-shaped newspaper comic strip, celebrating the wholesome American family by drawing inspiration[...]

Top Shelf and Troy Little To Adapt Hunter S. Thompson

Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Top Shelf will be publishing a comic adaptation of legendary journalist Hunter S Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Taking on the task of bringing the genius blend of reality and fiction to the comic world is Eisner-nominated artist Troy Little (Chiaroscuro).The original book, subtitled A Savage Journey[...]

CTM Media Holdings Rebrands As IDW Media Holdings With Ted Adams As CEO

will consist of IDW Publishing, CTM Media Group, a distributor of print and digital advertising; IDW Entertainment, the television-development arm of IDW Publishing; San Diego Comic Art Gallery, a new comic art gallery space launching in summer 2015; e-ttractions, a travel-based web portal; Top Shelf Productions, IDW Games, producer of tabletop board games and card[...]

The Beautiful Genre Work Of Recoil Comics – Rich Tommaso Talks Shop

It's the fourth issue of short crime stories written by Eric Skillman (Liar's Kiss, Top Shelf) and will feature artwork by Rachel Freire, Andrew Maclean, Maxim Simic, Matt Weigle and FATALE and CRIMINAL artist, Sean Phillips.HMS: You are selling some art at the moment to support your work What’s on sale and what role do[...]

My Favourite Reference In The New League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Comic

The final chapter in the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo story came out last week in the UK from Top Shelf Publications and Knockabout Nemo: River Of Ghosts starring the daughter of Captain Nemo, Janni, taking on his role in the world and aboard the Nautilus We saw the time of her birth, now we reach[...]

You Don't Say? IDW's Insufferably Holistic May 2015 Solicitations

IDW's solicitations for May comics from the upcoming Diamond Previews also now incorporate Top Shelf I wonder how they enjoy being in the front of Previews with their new friends, launching You Don't Say, collecting any unseen comics by Nate Powell? There's also the launch of a certain Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and the new[...]

IDW Lowers Top Shelf's FCBD Price From 39 To 29 Cents For Motorcycle Samurai

That's what being bought out by a Diamond Premier Publisher does for you.IDW's acquisition of Top Shelf Comix means that they will be printing their Free Comic Book Day titles together,and will lower the cost price for retailers for each issue given away in comic book stores.Which means Top Shelf’s Motorcycle Samurai book will be dropping[...]

A Comic Show – Spider-Verse And Super Robin!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom! Before I tackle this week's New Comics Now, I make a personal and business related announcement and weight in on the Secret Wars Marvel melting pot coming. I talk some on the Spider-Verse issue and tie-ins, the GotG and Rocket Raccoon, Superior Iron […]

Your First Look At League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo – River Of Ghosts

This is your first look at the upcoming new League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen volume by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, Nemo: River Of Ghosts, published by Knockabout and Top Shelf/IDW.With princess Jenny, daughter of Captain Nemo, and set in 1975, concluding the Nemo trilogy, and published on 2nd March.Hmm Looking at that opening splash-page..[...]

A League Of Extraordinary Publishers – IDW, Top Shelf And Knockabout

The IDW/Top Shelf acquisition could have all sorts of contractual side-effects So I asked a few people who might be affected.Tony Bennett is the publisher of Knockabout in the UK, who co-publishes a number of titles with Top Shelf in the US, including From Hell and League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen I asked Tony what the[...]

Comics Folk Respond To… IDW Buying Top Shelf

The West Coast is not even awake yet but... All single issues of comics sold by Top Shelf mysteriously had their cover prices raised to $3.99 this morning.. (I kid because I love.)— Augie De Blieck Jr (@augiedb) January 6, 2015Mixed feelings about the IDW/Topshelf merger Plenty of upsides Wondering about digital distribution.— Rob Cave (@notbbcnews24)[...]