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Total War: Three Kingdoms Receives One Final Patch
SEGA and Creative Assembly have added one last patch to Total War: Three Kingdoms as the team is moving onto something new The 1.7.1 patch went live on May 27th, adding a ton of fixes to the game that should smooth out everything for all of the main and DLC content The team also released[...]
SEGA Announces New Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC: Fates Divided
SEGA and Creative Assembly have revealed a new DLC pack coming to Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC with Fates Divided This particular DLC will be set ten years after the events of the main campaign, as you will now be a part of history as you see the bitter end of a once-great friendship between[...]
Total War: Three Kingdoms Reveals Furious Wild Expansion
SEGA and Creative Assembly revealed a brand new expansion pack for Total War: Three Kingdoms with The Furious Wild In what looks to be their most colorful expansion to date, you'll be given four new factions to chose from that have their own awesome features but come with some drawbacks to balance everything out What's[...]
"Total War: Three Kingdoms" Has "A World Betrayed" Coming March 19th
SEGA and Creative Assembly have revealed a new chapter coming to Total War: Three Kingdoms, as players will have to deal with A World Betrayed The content will throw you into the immediate aftermath of the devasting 190CE conflict This is where China's warlords clash and deal with the power vacuum in the Han Dynasty[...]
"Total War: Three Kingdoms" Mandate Of Heaven DLC Set For January
SEGA and Creative Assembly announced this week that the next Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC, Mandate Of Heaven, is coming next month The new DLC will basically allow you to wage war on a massive scale Not to mention an evolving campaign which allows you to play through the prequel campaign, then directly into the[...]
Creative Assembly And NetEase Will Bring "Total War" Series To China
NetEase has secured the rights to publish the entire series, including the latest release Total War: Three Kingdoms No official date has been put on when these games will come out, but we're guessing it'll be sometime around the holiday season This also includes the new collectible card game, Total War: Elysium, which will be[...]
"Total War: Three Kingdoms" Announces Dynasty Mode
SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced a new addition coming to Total War: Three Kingdoms as Dynasty Mode will be added August 8th This is going to be a new horde-style mode allows players to test their survival prowess Wave after wave of enemies will be thrown at you as they will gain an ever-increasing[...]
"Total War: Three Kingdoms" To Receive "The Eight Princes Come" Pack
SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced a new content pack on the way for Total War: Three Kingdoms as you'll get "The Eight Princes" Pack The new DLC will become available on August 8th, but you can pre-order it on Steam now The gist of this pack is that 100 years after the events of[...]
Total War: Three Kingdoms Reveals an Exciting Launch Trailer
After being delayed earlier this year, Creative Assembly and SEGA's Total War: Three Kingdoms is finally launching for PC players. Naturally, SEGA decided to celebrate the game's imminent launch with a hype trailer Notably, this trailer is created entirely with in-engine footage, so it shows Total War: Three Kingdoms the way you'll play it. This particular trailer focuses on[...]
Total War: Three Kingdoms Shows Off a New Warlord Trailer
Creative Assembly has released a new trailer for their upcoming game Total War: Three Kingdoms, asking you what kind of warlord you will choose to be Will you help mend the country and bring all of the people together? Will you divide factions and cause more turbulence within the region? Or will you lord over[...]
Total War: Three Kingdoms Releases a Web Comic by David Mack
As part of the build-up to seeing Total War: Three Kingdoms be released next month, Creative Assembly has released a new webcomic You can read the comic at this link, as you can check out the additional talents of David Mack, Sebastian Cheng, Sunshine Barbito, Clem Robins, and Andre Siregar The story itself is kind[...]
Total War: Three Kingdoms Shows Off Dong Zhuo Gameplay Video
SEGA and Creative Assembly have released a new long gameplay video this week for Total War: Three Kingdoms, showing off more of Dong Zhuo The ten-minute video, which you can watch below, show off four different tactics you can utilize in the game if you choose to play as the evil emperor and rule over China[...]
Total War: Three Kingdoms Debuts a New Video for Records Mode
Creative Assembly have released a new expansive video today for Total War: Three Kingdoms, going over the new Records Mode in the game Records Mode, in short, is a history lesson on the era, going off of what was officially written at the time about these characters and what was happening in China at the time[...]
Total War: Three Kingdoms is Delayed until May 2019
Creative Assembly's highly anticipated strategy title Total War: Three Kingdoms marks a significant step forward for Total War, creating a new level of depth for the franchise's dedicated players However, that kind of thing takes time to perfect And unfortunately, perfection can cause delays Today, the studio announced that players will have to wait a bit longer[...]