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Are You The Toys R Us Employee That Made Todd McFarlane Who He Is?
"I was able to walk into Walmart and say, 'Hey, Toys "R" Us, the largest seller of toys is buying my stuff,'" he said. Todd McFarlane YouTube screencap To Milton Griepp at ICV2 in 2020. A Toys R Us buyer came along  He had an assistant  The assistant was a comic geek  He said, "Hey, boss[...]
Toys R Us
Toys R Us is coming back! Well, maybe Again. Today the new company TRU Kids INC released a press release announcing new plans to revive the sleeping toy giant ahead of this years New York Toy Fair Looks like the plan is to open 70 new store fronts in England, Asia, and India, with online sales[...]
DC Mattel Collage
They are suffering the same as Hasbro and every other toy company is after the closing of Toys R Us this year Mattel is also expected to go hard after the master toy license for Star Wars and Marvel when those deals expire in 2020, but I would expect them to stay with Hasbro. As for[...]
Toys R Us
Toys R Us left a gaping hole not just in the toy industry, but to collectors and kids of all ages when it shuttered earlier this year This is the first holiday season without the toy giant, and while some stores are attempting to fill the void, they have failed to impress so far. Then a[...]
Toys R Us Tweets They Might Be Returning, Online Rage Ensues
This afternoon, a brand new tweet came up from the Toys R Us Twitter account that you could say didn't really "sit well" with people online As you may recall, the company filed for bankruptcy, tried a dozen ways to save itself, and then ultimately shut down stores across the U.S A few remain in[...]
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I miss Toys R US so much, guys and gals As weird and awkward as this Pop looks, I'm going to try to get it. Also available now is a new Mega Man Pop Tee and Pop set I have seen this one at GameStop (where it is an exclusive), and it looks awesome. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1[...]
toys r us closing
As we showed you not that long ago, as soon as Toys R Us announced its liquidation sale people started to tear the stores apart Now, with fewer than three days remaining on many of my local stores, I came in to pay my respects one last time. I'll never know the joys (or frustrations) of[...]
KB Toys
The company looks to rise from the ashes of Toys R Us after their own demise back in 2009 Almost a decade later, they aim to have pop-up stores open for this upcoming holiday season Even more ambitious plans are afoot for after that, as detailed in a digital conference call that took place at[...]
toys r us closing, march 2018
By now, we all know Toys R Us is going out of business The sales will come in waves, with the first one being 10% off of everything It seems surreal to me, especially as I walked around a local store taking pictures. Growing up, it was a big deal convincing mom and dad to take[...]
Toys R Us Founder Charles Lazarus Has Passed Away
Toys R Us founder and World War II veteran Charles Lazarus has passed away at age 94 This comes a week after the chain of toy stores he founded announced that it will be closing all stores in the US and other parts of the world He stepped down as CEO in 1994. Lazarus started the[...]
Toys R Us
Last week, Toys R Us confirmed rumors that it would permanently shut down and close its stores The company declared bankruptcy last year, and holiday sales failed to prevent the inevitable But though Toys R Us may have been brought down by greedy venture capitalists who bought the company and loaded it with debt, one[...]