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Toys 'R' Us Announces Return With Two New Retail Stores

Toys "R" Us Announces Return With Two New Retail Stores

After packing it up, laying off thousands of employees, and basically saying goodbye to everyone, Toys "R" Us announced they're returning with two new stores. The company sent out an announcement last week, letting people know they would be revitalizing the brand with improved stores using a different strategy. The two new locations will be […]

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Once Again, Toys R Us Seems to be Rising From the Ashes

Toys R Us is coming back! Well, maybe. Again. Today the new company TRU Kids INC. released a press release announcing new plans to revive the sleeping toy giant ahead of this years New York Toy Fair. Looks like the plan is to open 70 new store fronts in England, Asia, and India, with online […]

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Mattel Loses a Good Chunk of DC Comics Toy License to Spin Master

A big surprise in the toy world today coming out of the holiday. Spin Master has yanked the most of the DC Comics toy license away from Mattel. Mattel has has the license for a long time, and with collectors gained favor with their amazing DC Classics line years back. Frankly however, while still producing […]

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Toys R Us Indeed Has Returned…as a Box of Toys at Kroger

Toys R Us left a gaping hole not just in the toy industry, but to collectors and kids of all ages when it shuttered earlier this year. This is the first holiday season without the toy giant, and while some stores are attempting to fill the void, they have failed to impress so far. Then […]

Toys R Us Tweets They Might Be Returning, Online Rage Ensues

This afternoon, a brand new tweet came up from the Toys R Us Twitter account that you could say didn't really "sit well" with people online. As you may recall, the company filed for bankruptcy, tried a dozen ways to save itself, and then ultimately shut down stores across the U.S. A few remain in […]

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Funko Round-Up: Prince, Horror 5 Star, Geoffery Lives, and Mega Man!

Funko announces tons of new products and licenses every day, let alone every week. It can be a lot to keep up with. So we are here to help. Welcome to the Funko Round-Up! In this edition: Prince comes to the Pop Rocks line in style, Mega Man gets a new Pop Tee and Pop […]

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I Don't Wanna Grow Up Part 2: Saying Goodbye to Toys R Us

As we showed you not that long ago, as soon as Toys R Us announced its liquidation sale people started to tear the stores apart. Now, with fewer than three days remaining on many of my local stores, I came in to pay my respects one last time. I'll never know the joys (or frustrations) […]

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KB Toys is in Fact Returning, with Some Very Ambitious Goals

KB Toys is coming back. The company looks to rise from the ashes of Toys R Us after their own demise back in 2009. Almost a decade later, they aim to have pop-up stores open for this upcoming holiday season. Even more ambitious plans are afoot for after that, as detailed in a digital conference […]

Marvel Legends Infinity War TRU Exclusive Three Pack 3

Marvel Legends Infinity War Three Pack Exclusive Is Great…If You Can Find It

Marvel Legends collectors have had a busy last four months. Black Panther, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Avengers: Infinity War waves have all been released since January. Couple that with store exclusives and that is a lot of figures. One such place that collectors are scrambling to try and find exclusives at is Toys R Us. As […]

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I Don't Wanna Grow Up: The Last Gasp of Toys R Us, in Pictures

I don't know what else can really be said. By now, we all know Toys R Us is going out of business. The sales will come in waves, with the first one being 10% off of everything. It seems surreal to me, especially as I walked around a local store taking pictures. Growing up, it […]

Toys R Us Founder Charles Lazarus Has Passed Away

Toys R Us founder and World War II veteran Charles Lazarus has passed away at age 94. This comes a week after the chain of toy stores he founded announced that it will be closing all stores in the US and other parts of the world. He stepped down as CEO in 1994. Lazarus started […]

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Isaac Larian Seeks $800 Million in Crowdfunding to Save Toys R Us

Last week, Toys R Us confirmed rumors that it would permanently shut down and close its stores. The company declared bankruptcy last year, and holiday sales failed to prevent the inevitable. But though Toys R Us may have been brought down by greedy venture capitalists who bought the company and loaded it with debt, one […]

Marvel Legends Infinity War Three Pack TRU

Even More MCU Marvel Legends on the Way as Collectors Scramble to Keep Up

Marvel Legends are taking over the toy sections of stores. Even more exclusive two and three packs have been announced today, mostly MCU related. These are on top of the latest waves of figures in the Deadpool and Spider-Man lines, the two waves of Avengers: Infinity War figures announced yesterday, Mr. Fantastic hitting Walgreens, the […]

Infinity War Comes to Funko as Thanos Also Conquers Our Wallets

Infinity War is taking over the collectibles sections everywhere, and a huge piece of that will be from Funko. They formally announced their products in support of the gargantuan MCU film today, and a little bit of everything is here. Pops, Mystery Minis, Plushies, Dorbz, and of course tons of exclusives that we will all […]

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Care Bears Funko Pops Revealed at London Toy Fair

Care Bears Pops have been revealed to be coming in March from Funko this morning at London Toy Fair. One of the most-requested lines, this is one of the bigger waves in quite a while. Plenty of exclusives and chases will be coming, and I am willing to bet that these will be far from […]

Lord of the Rings Funko Pops Wave 2- Gollum, Treebeard, and more!

Lord of the Rings had its Funko debut earlier this year. In February next year, the journey continues. Not only are we getting a huge new wave of Pops, but Mystery Minis as well. The requisite exclusives and such will be available in stores as well. Funko Lord of the Rings Mystery Minis The future […]

Fraggle Rock Funko Pops Push The Nostalgia Button

Fraggle Rock holds a special place in people's hearts. Especially people who grew up in the 1980's. It is actually pretty adorable how much people enjoy that show. In recent years we have gotten comics, action figures, and other various pieces of merchandise. I was actually shocked that there was not already Funko Pops in […]