Marvel Legends Infinity War Three Pack Exclusive Is Great…If You Can Find It

Marvel Legends collectors have had a busy last four months. Black Panther, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Avengers: Infinity War waves have all been released since January. Couple that with store exclusives and that is a lot of figures. One such place that collectors are scrambling to try and find exclusives at is Toys R Us. As we all know, they are closing for good in the next few months. The problem with that for Marvel Legends collectors is that they had three exclusives due to hit stores right around when the announcement was made. A Vision/Scarlet Witch MCU Infinity War two-pack, an Ant-Man and Cassie comic two-pack, and a Thor/Rocket/Teenage Groot MCU Infinity War three-pack.

Needless to say, these have been tough to find. All three have been picked up by Entertainment Earth for sale later, but who knows how many they will get. The toughest being the set we are going to look at today.

I happened upon a lone three-pack at my local TRU this weekend, and could not believe my luck. The familiar  Marvel Legends packaging greeted me from the shelf, and I couldn't run up to the register fast enough. I must say- I was not planning on getting this. The only figure I wanted was the Teenage Groot. The Rocket is the same exact figure released last year in the Guardians Vol. 2 wave. I have a ton of Thor's already, including two from November's Ragnarok wave and target exclusive pack with Valkyrie. But once I got a look at them in store, and the luck I had finding it, I had to pick it up.

Getting them out, I am super happy I grabbed this. The Rocket is whatever, I have it already. If you have it you know what I mean. The big gun sucks, and it is hard to get him to hold it. The tiny blasters are way better. His tail comes off too easily. The other two figures are awesome. Teenage Groot is not perfect. I do not like the way they painted his eyes at all. They needed to be narrowed like he was focused on his game console. Speaking of which- would it have killed them to make a little actual handheld instead of this little clear crappy thing? It sucks. And he doesn't hold it well. besides those two gripes though, Groot is a solid Marvel Legends figure. he poses well, and his arms have great range of motion.

The standout is Thor. He comes with his giant sword for…reasons. I am guessing spoiler-type stuff, and that is why he doesn't have Stormbreaker (although the Avengers wave 2 figure does). Be that as it may, the lightning paint on his armor and around his eye is sweet, and painted extremely well. The body is a repaint of the Ragnarok Thor, and I loved that figure so no worries there. He stands really well and is quite flexible. I am glad to have this version from the film with the eye patch too, after this film I can't get enough Thors into my collection. With his poseability, excellent paint aps, and great Chris Hemsworth face portrait, this is my new favorite Thor Marvel Legends MCU figure.

This ended up being a great purchase. I hope all of you Marvel Legends collectors can get your hands on this one. Check your TRU's still, most of them are still receiving trucks. If not, you will have to try your luck here.

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