Hasbro Announces Two The Mandalorian Board Games 

Hasbro Announces Two "The Mandalorian" Board Games 

This time it looks like some classic Hasbro board games are getting a Mandalorian twist as Operation and Trouble arrive Operation features a Baby Yoda is more of a picture setting rather than a full autopsy Trouble gives us some of our favorite Mandalorian characters like IG-11 and Cara Dune as we all get in[...]

Hastings The Largest Comic Book Chain In America Is In Trouble

Hastings, The Largest Comic Book Chain In America, Is In Trouble

By Ian Melton News broke on Friday that Hastings Entertainment Superstore is changing their policies at all of their stores throughout the United States and that layoffs and store closings may be in the companies' future as they search for investors to put capital back into the business.  As well as making employees and the […]