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Viz Media Releases Advance List of June 2021 Titles
Naturally, Luffy picks a fight with him—but without his Straw Hat Crew to back him up, will the rubber wonder make it out alive? June 1, 2021 Teen $14.99 Cover courtesy of Viz Media Twin Star Exorcists, Vol 22 Story and Art by Yoshiaki Sukeno When Kamui tries to make Benio the spoils who go to the victor, Rokuro[...]
Viz Media releases December 2020 Titles
Goku and Vegeta go their separate ways for training while Moro's goons set their sights on planet Earth! On Sale Date Price USA Age Rating December 1, 2020, $9.99 Teen "Twin Star Exorcists" cover art from Viz Media Twin Star Exorcists, Vol 20 Story and Art by Yoshiaki Sukeno Benio finally returns in the nick of time to join the[...]
Viz Media Releases May 2020 Manga Solicitations
While Tanjiro waits for his sword to be repaired, enemies close in… For teen audiences. ISBN 13           978-1-9747-1112-3 On Sale Date   2020-05-05 Price USA         $9.99 Price CAN        $12.99 Dimension       5 x 7 1/2 Format             TP/192 pages/b&w Twin Star Exorcists, Vol[...]
Viz Media Unveils List of February 2020 Manga Releases
As ever, there's something for everyone here. Shonen Jump Twin Star Exorcists, Vol 17 By Yoshiaki Sukeno While Rokuro and his clan expend the last of their spiritual power battling vicious Hijirimaru, Arima attempts to prevent Yuto and two other powerful Kegare from invading the human world But he can't be in three places at once—or can he? For[...]