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That included a new Street Fighter comic book from Udon Studios, Street Fighter Masters #1 by Matt Moylan and Genzoman Which promised to tease much! Udon Studios posted on Twitter "#FreeComicBookDay is this Saturday, May 7! Street Fighter Masters: #Blanka #1 features Pietra, a new original #StreetFighter character created by UDON! Head to your #localcomicbookshop[...]
Yasuki Tanaka’s Summertime Renderings to be published by Udon in 2022
Udon Entertainment announced today that it has acquired the English print rights to the manga series Summertime Rendering, by Yasuki Tanaka Summertime Rendering was originally published digitally on Shueisha's digital magazine Shonen Jump+ and on the website Manga Plus from 2017-2021 Udon's print edition will be a new English-language translation and will begin publishing[...]
Obscure Comics: Street Fighter Hyper Looting Crate
The first of those Obscure Comics was Street Fighter Hyper Looting. Street Fighter Hyper Looting from Udon Entertainment November 2015's Loot Crate box brought the very first exclusive comic to its subscribers, and as comics go, it was likely either greatly enjoyed or ignored Street Fighter Hyper Looting makes perfect sense as Loot Crate's first exclusive book, as[...]
Megaman Legends
Udon Entertainment was established in 2000, so this year at Comic-Con@Home the Udon crew, past and present, joined together in a series of videos with creators congratulating the studio on its accomplishments, talking about Udon's origins, and a last-minute tease of upcoming projects. Starting with Erik Ko, Udon founder and chief, and Matt Moylan, director of[...]
UDON Announces "Breath Of Fire: Official Complete Works" Book
UDON and Capcom have a lot of books on the way in 2020, the latest to be announced today being Breath Of Fire: Official Complete Works Much like other books they have announced, this is basically a tome of knowledge for the entire franchise, with 192 pages of content Since Capcom doesn't appear to be[...]
UDON Seeks Sexy Submissions for Street Fighter Summer Sports Special
Are you a fan of Street Fighter and also an artist who would like to see your work featured (with no compensation) in UDON's Street Fighter Summer Sports Special? Well, you're in luck, because it just so happens UDON is looking for fan artists to submit pin-ups to that very magazine! A press release asks: How would[...]
Middle-Eastern Artists
A new art book from Udon Entertainment aims to celebrate and raise awareness of talent from the Middle East Called Epilogue: Illustration and Concept Art of the Middle East, the book showcases original works drawing from international inspiration as well as local culture The book is set to come out this month, while Donald Trump[...]
Mega man Reprints
Udon has revealed some more details about their upcoming series of Mega Man reprints launching in January, as first revealed in their January solicitations Mega Man Mastermix will be a quarterly series, with each issue featuring reprints of Hitoshi Ariga's classic Mega Man comics with colors added for the first time by Josh Perez. The press[...]
Udon Megaman Mastermix
Megaman returns to comics with Udon's Megaman Mastermix #1' s reprint This time, it's in full color by original writer/artist Hitoshi Ariga. This will be the first time the character has seen print in the US since the hiatus from Archie Comics, the previous Megaman publisher. It will be out January 24th, 2018. Udon also returns to re-finish its first series, Street Fighter:[...]
street fighter
Environmentally conscious UDON has embraced the concept of recycling, announcing a re-release of their original Street Fighter series as Street Fighter Reloaded. What's old is new again There comes a time in the life cycle of every object of entertainment when it goes from being obsolete to retro We first witnessed this concept in the late[...]
From Strip To Script – Street Fighter: Legends
You may be aware that I'm pretty fond of shonen/fight comics, and Sakura, as a street-fighting schoolgirl who constantly strives to be stronger, plugs pretty neatly into that genre. So, naturally, she makes a pretty easy transition from screen to page in Udon's Street Fighter comics, particularly in her own Legends mini-series, by Marshall Dillon (letters),[...]
ShiftyLook Closes – But Udon To Keep Their Comics Going If They Can
There is a whole line of Wonder Momo t-shirts available over at WeLoveFine.com, and the long-awaited Wonder Momo hardcover comic book is on the way from UDON Entertainment. For some housekeeping, here is what is happening to what at ShiftyLook (all dates JST): CLOSING: BRAVOMAN: Binja Bash! on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore: In-app purchases[...]
Swipe File: Burn The Orphanage And The Art Of Udon
On the left, a page from the Art Of Udon by Jeff Cruz, celebrating the work of comics game designers and those inspired by them at Udon. And on the right, a panel from Burn The Orphanage #1 by Sina Grace which shipped this week from Image Comics Which has its own video game inspiration, but[...]