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We Tried Out "Eldest Souls" At E3 2019 From United Label

The other game we got to try out from United Label at E3 2019 in the CI Games area was Eldest Souls from indie company Fallen Flag Studio This game is a bit of pixel art gaming set in a very mysterious and dark world as you will crawl through this RPG The short version[...]

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United Label Shows Off Polygon Treehouse's "Röki" at E3 2019

During E3 this year we visited with CI Games, who had brought United Label to show off a few games, as we checked out Röki for a bit Developed by Polygon Treehouse, this is a little bit of a few genres as you get some puzzle aspects, you get some storytelling, and you get some[...]

CI Games Announces New Indie Publishing Company United Label

This morning, CI Games announced they were launching a new publishing company specifically for indie developers called United Label The goal of this is to give smaller independent developers a chance to get their games out with people who are focused on making the most out of titles that mainstream gamers might overlook, as well[...]