Weapon X #20 Review: Dialogue Crashing into a Weakening Tone

Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, and Domino are helping Omega Red take the fight back to S.I.C.K.L.E and Red's brother. S.I.C.K.L.E is hunting mutants, and Sabretooth has control of the team in Logan's absence. However, Warpath objects, and he is working to bring down the Weapon X team before it goes too far out of Logan's vision.

Weapon X #20 cover by Rahzzah
Weapon X #20 cover by Rahzzah

I was excited to see Weapon X turn into a villain (or at least anti-hero/mercenary) book with Omega Red joining up and Warpath and Logan jumping ship. That idea receives a very rough start with Weapon X #20.

This issue is badly flawed. The dialogue overshoots being funny or charming, becoming too smug and cute for its own good. Domino in particular receives a few groaners. Omega Red is turned into something of a battle-obsessed idiot. Sabretooth almost comes off like a conman leader while Warpath is the buzzkill hero.

It all feels a little dumb too, and Victor's ulterior motive is contrived as all hell. He uses this takedown of S.I.C.K.L.E as advertisement for Weapon X as a mercenary team by recording it or some nonsense like that. You're also left to wonder why Domino even sticks around if she hates everything about Victor's setup.

Weapon X #20 art by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz and Frank D'Armata
Weapon X #20 art by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz and Frank D'Armata

The art is very rough too. I somewhat understand what the aesthetic is going for; it's a rough-and-ready style for this ragtag band of mutant mercenaries. However, it just doesn't look good. The detailing is messy and a bit ugly, the characters' bodies morph and shift in unappealing ways, and Domino's face (shown above) is just too much. Frank D'Armata's color work functions for the tone and aesthetic, but the linework just doesn't fit. It could suit another comic title, but it's out of place here.

Weapon X #20 is a misstep in the hot streak the past few issues have been. The dialogue feels forced, the personalities are off and unengaging, and the art is a very poor fit. I can't recommend this book. Give it a hard pass.

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