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This November, the Weapon Plus crossover will crossover with the Absolute Carnage super-mega-crossover event, as we learn about a highly classified mission from Nick Fury and the ancient symbiote Grendel's origins. All of that plus a battle between Weapon H, the ex-military vet with the powers of both Hulk and Wolverine (a Hulkverine, if you will),[...]
Bruce Banner Being a Hypocrite in Next Week's Hulkverines #1 (Preview)
As the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner has transformed into a rage-filled monster countless times, wreaking destruction everywhere he goes, to the point that the other heroes of Earth (who aren't exactly immune from making a mess out of things themselves) even once stuck him a rocket and shot him off into outer space. So who the[...]
A Transitional Phase for the X-Men Line [X-ual Healing 1-30-19]
Meanwhile, Age of X-Man Alpha sets up six new mini-series that will comprise the Age of X-Man event and presumably test the waters for future ongoings to launch after the event is over. Will whatever comes out of Age of X-Man fare better than the books that end this week after just 12 issues, Weapon H[...]
You Can't Kill Dario Agger Before War of the Realms in Next Week's Weapon H Finale
With War of the Realms coming up soon, and promised to be Marvel's biggest super-mega-crossover event ever, we can be sure that someone is biting the proverbial bullet to boost sales, or more probably multiple someones. But could it be that someone will die even before the super-mega-crossover event kicks off? Just look what happens to[...]
Morgan Le Fay Shows a Clear Lack of Gratitude in Weapon H #11
Everything is turning up Morgan Le Fay in Weapon H lately Last issue, Le Fay was able to convince the titular Weapon H to free her from Roxxon's control and join her in reconquering… or liberating, depending on how you look at it… Weirdworld All of that is thanks to Weapon H and his friends, since[...]
A Hulkverine Heel Turn in Next Week's Weapon H #10?
Weapon H has led a misfit band of Roxxon employees into Weirdworld to save a team of scientists from rampaging Skrullduggers, and he's done so at the behest of Captain America himself When he learns those scientists have captured Weirdworld Queen and evil sorcerer Morgan le Fay and are using her as a sort of[...]
Because U Demanded It: Wolverine and Hulk Take on Weapon H in Hulkverines
Following in the footsteps of comics legends like Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Marvel will deconstruct the Hulkverine genre in February… literally! The publisher has announced a new comic called Hulkverines, spinning out of Weapon H (which stars the original Hulkverine), in which Wolverine and Hulk go after Weapon H for gimmick infringement. Greg Pak will[...]
Uncanny X-Men: Everything We Know About the Relaunch So Far [X-ual Healing 10-17-18]
That will happen in the 12-issue Dead Man Logan maxi-series. Weapon H #9 (W) Greg Pak (A) Guiu Vilanova (CA) Philip Tan • The days of the lone fighter are gone: Weapon H assembles a team to take Weirdworld! • But even with Titania, Man-Thing, a Brood-human hybrid named Blake, Hulk's old friend Korg and a mysterious Roxxon fighter[...]
5 Previews for X-Men Comics Hitting Stores on July 18th
Enjoy. CABLE #159 LONNIE NADLER & ZAC THOMPSON (W) GERMAN PERALTA(A) Cover by DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON Variant Cover by Jay Anacleto "PAST FEARS" PART 5: BACK TO CABLE'S CHILDHOOD WITH REDD AND SLYM! • Young CABLE faces his biggest fear: his own Techno-Organic virus! • Guest-starring CYCLOPS & PHOENIX! • Cable's dark secret is finally revealed! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99 #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align:[...]
X-ual Healing: Man-Groot-Thing vs. Hulkverine in Weapon H #4
Seriously, how do you have the greatest writer in the history of comics on the payroll and just not use him for anything? It's the way X-Men comics were meant to be read! It's the column that can only be known as… For more about the column, check out the reboot issue here. WEAPON H #4 GREG PAK (W) • CORY SMITH[...]