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Lord of the Ring is a pop culture icon from the Tolkien books to the live action films. The world of Middle Earth created so many doors and opened the minds of so many fans. WETA Workshop is giving fans and collectors the ability to bring home of the most peaceful place from the world of Lord of the Rings. That's right, The Shine has been miniaturized and sculpted to perfection with some new collectibles. Pre-order for three of the upcoming landmarks from The Hobbit has recently gone live. The first two are the cheapest coming in at $49.99 and set to release in October. The first one is Hobbit Hope 2A Hill Lane that features luscious green and a beautifully crafted turquoise door. This Lord of the Ring Hobbit Hope will also come with an additional piece showing some Southfarthing Ale. The second Hobbit Hole that is found in the grassy hills of Hobbiton is the 31 Lakeside. With a burgundy colored door and fishing accessories shattered around this house this place is a resort. Placed right on the lake and any Hobbit who lives here will get that calming feel of the water. The last Lord of the Rings collectible is a little pricey coming in at $199.99. This collectible is the Hobbiton Mill and Bridge Environment. WETA Workshop but a lot of close-knit details into this statue from the sculpt of the water to the details on the building. The statue is not that small as it is 12 inches long, 6.75 deep, and 5 inches tall. This is one beautifully crafted collectible from The Hobbit that captives the feeling of the Shine.

WETA Workshop is bringing the Lord of the Rings world to your homes. These Hobbiton Hobbit Holes and the Mill are beautifully crafted and sculpted to perfection. They seriously went all out to make sure they got every single detail correct for any dedicated fan. Like mention earlier The Hobbit Holes are both priced at $49.99 each and are set to come out in October 2020. You can find Hole 2A Hill Lane here and the 31 Lakeside Hole here. The Mill and Bridge are priced at $199.99 and is set to release in January 2021. Pre-orders are already live and you can't find it located here. What other places in Middle Earth would you like to see come alive next?? I personally would love to see The Dead Marshes in a nice sculpted scale.

The Hobbit Hobbiton Mill and Bridge Environment from WETA Workshop
The Hobbit Hobbiton Mill and Bridge Environment, photo from WETA Workshop.

"Bright round doors in summery hues dot the lush, grassy hillsides of Hobbiton like wildflowers. Behind each doorway, comfortably appointed burrows wind into earth: each one home to a hobbit, or a family of the Shire's rosy-cheeked little-folk. Every hobbit-hole is unique, expressing the personality of its inhabitants with colour, gardens, furniture and the rustic debris of everyday life. Across the stream from the Green Dragon Inn in Hobbiton, Ted Sandyman's mill perches on the water's edge next to a stony bridge. Behind its blue door, gears driven by the steady turning of a water wheel grind grains for the making of bread; a favourite food no Hobbit accustomed to the comforts of the Shire can long go without. The Hobbiton Mill and Bridge Environment Statue measures about 12-inches long x 6 3/4-inches deep x 5-inches tall."

The Hobbit 2A Hill Lane Hobbit Hole from WETA Workshop
The Hobbit 2A Hill Lane Hobbit Hole, photo from WETA Workshop.

"Every hobbit-hole is unique, expressing the personality of its inhabitants with color, gardens, furniture, and the rustic debris of everyday life. Below the wealthy smiles of Bagshot Row and the sprawling mansion of Bag End, Hill Lane snakes around the folds of the lower slopes of the Hill, home to some of Hobbiton's humbler hobbit dwellings. Number 2A, with its pretty turquoise door, is one of these smaller but nonetheless beautiful holes. It is said that on a warm summer evening the hobbit who lives there can be seen enjoying a well-earned Southfarthing ale. This stunning 2a Hill Lane Hobbit Hole Statue measures about 3 1/2-inches long x 2 3/4-inches deep x 1 3/4-inches tall.

The Hobbit 31 Lakeside Hobbit Hole from WETA Workshop
The Hobbit 31 Lakeside Hobbit Hole, photo from WETA Workshop.

"Scattered among the grassy hills of Hobbiton like a purse full of lost coins, the bright round doors of many dozen Hobbit-holes shine in bright, summery hues, each home to a Hobbit or family of the little people. As diverse as the rosy-cheeked Hobbits themselves, every smile, as Hobbit-holes are known, reflects the unique personality of its inhabitant and nestles into the hillside amid a sea of lush greenery. The hobbits calling Number 31 Lakeside home are lulled to sleep each night by the gentle lapping of the water just a few feet from their burgundy door. Being so close to the water's edge makes for convenient fishing. Nets are spread for mending on the grass and freshly snared eels hang outside. Hot pitch bubbles in a pot, ready to be smeared on the upturned hull of the fisherman's round coracle. This 31 Lakeside Hobbit Hole Statue measures about 4 3/4-inches long x 2 1/2-inches tall x 2-inches deep."


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