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Dieselfunk Dispatch: Cons of Color, Gender, and Inclusion
Why? Because everyone deserves representation. They are: East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) Schomburg Black Comic Book Day Women In Comics Con Black Age of Comics   Latino Comics Expo   Flamecon   Black Comics Expo Khemfest Onyxcon Atlanta Scifi and Fantasy Expo Motor City Black Age of Comics   Glass City Comix Fest   Asian American Comicon Black Comix Arts Festival Kids Comic Con Black Speculative Arts Movement SOL-Con Black Comix Day Blerd City Blerd Con Pocket-Con Blacktasticon Mecca Con Mid-City Micro-Con Wicomicon[...]
Women Of Color In Media: Visibility Achieved; Next Step, Representation
Christine Marquet writes for Bleeding Cool…   The Women of Color in Comics: Race, Gender, and the Comic Book Medium panel at San Diego Comic Con was organized by the Women in Comics Collective (WinC, pronounced "wink). Their membership is made up of artists, writers, educators, filmmakers, show producers, art gallery directors, cosplayers, game developers, bloggers, and toy[...]
Bright Spots Of Insight At The Strong Female Character Panel At NYCC
Madeline Ricchiuto writes for Bleeding Cool… Moving Beyond The Strong Female Character was one of NYCC's "Women in Comics" panels that gathered together a group including Amy Chu, Jody Hauser, and Jill Pantozzi to geek out about ladies in comics and pop culture. Of all the usual complaints and stories of being shut out in ways their[...]
When There Are Too Many Conventions, Start A Conference
At best you'll see a token "Women in Comics" or a "Women in Horror" type of panel at any given show I asked myself why they were celebrated more for all their contributions and accomplishments Even more so, these women were more than willing to share their experiences and skill sets so that the next[...]
Gendercrunching Special Edition – #DCYou
And when you're talking about women in comics statistics, "not too bad" is practically "good". The chart below shows the percentages of female creators in every category for all of June's #DCYou titles There are no Vertigo books, no digital first, no kid's titles; just the main line #DCYou books We'll do June's full numbers down[...]
Kelly Phillips On Kickstarting Dirty Diamonds, An All-Girl Comic Anthology
It's such a perfectly brilliant way to show you exactly how packed this book is with mind-blowing comics. [Artwork by Stephanie Mannheim] NF: It's interesting that we spend a lot of time talking about the sexualization of women in comics (and rightfully so), while not talking as much about women and beauty itself In other words, we[...]
Talking Women In Comics With She Makes Comics Director Marisa Stotter
I pitched them a film about women in comics, drawing from my interest in recent online discussions about women and their place in the comics world It took off from there and became She Makes Comics! NF: The history of women making comics is obviously an enormous topic Did the scope of the subject matter concern[...]