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WWE 2K23 Reveals Improvement To MyFaction Mode
2K Games revealed another set of improvements coming to WWE 2K23, as they unveiled the details of what you'll be able to do in MyFaction this time around If you're not familiar with this mode, this is basically a collectible card game within the primary game, as a little bit of an offshoot so you[...]
WWE 2K23 Reveals MyGM Mode On UpUpDownDown
WWE and 2K Games partnered up to have UpUpDownDown reveal the new changes for MyGM mode in the upcoming release of WWE 2K23 As they do every year, the team has made tweaks, adjustments, and new additions to the mode, as you'll be managing superstars on your particular show, from drafting a roster all the[...]
WWE 2K23 Reveals Post-Launch Content Plans With DLC Roster
2K Games revealed their plans for content coming to WWE 2K23, as they will be adding several DLC superstars to the game over time It shouldn't come as a surprise that the team is planning to have a bunch of content released over the next few months to include people who either didn't make the[...]
WWE 2K23 Releases New Trailer Featuring Bad Bunny
2K Games released a new trailer this morning for WWE 2K23, as they show off one of the non-wrestler additions to the game with Bad Bunny And yes, we do say that even though he's performed at a WrestleMania before because he's primarily a musician and not a full-time professional wrestler Bad Bunny is being[...]
John Cena Announced As WWE 2K23 Cover Athlete
2K Games and WWE held a special livestream earlier this week in which they revealed the complete roster ratings for WWE 2K23 The video aired live on Xavier Woods/Austin Creed's gaming channel, Up Up Down Down, where they and a host of other WWE superstars went through and got the ratings for most active roster[...]
WWE 2K23 Reveals Full Roster Available At Launch
2K Games has released the full roster of playable superstars in WWE 2K23, with a number of additions for you to choose from, past and present With a few exceptions, the game basically has the entire roster to choose from on both Raw and Smackdown, as well as NXT, WWE Legends, and some oddities thrown[...]
WWE 2K23 Releases First Ringside Report Leading To Launch
2K Games released the first of what will probably be many Ringside Reports for WWE 2K23 before the game is released in March This specific report focuses on WarGames, specifically how the mechanics of the game work when you're setting up a match and the gameplay to follow, as it has unique changes that you[...]
John Cena Announced As WWE 2K23 Cover Athlete
2K Games has given us a brand new gameplay trailer for WWE 2K23, as we get a slightly better look at a few things, including WarGames The latest trailer shows off action from a number of superstars, both past and present, as we're shown a variety of moments and matches, including the reveal of Hell[...]
Seth Rollins Is Not A CM Punk Fan: "He's A Cancer!"
Freakin' Rollins is no fan of Charles Montgomery Punk and doesn't ever want to see him in WWE ever again. Image: WWE YouTube Screencap While doing press for tonight's Royal Rumble premium live event and for the upcoming WWE 2K23 video game, Seth Rollins spoke with Wrestling Inc and when the question of CM Punk (referred to here by his[...]
John Cena Announced As WWE 2K23 Cover Athlete
2K Games revealed this morning that John Cena is going to be the cover athlete for the upcoming release of WWE 2K23 The news comes this morning after rumblings of a leaked Xbox cover showing Cena on the cover, which was later struck down on social media for a copyright strike That news was confirmed[...]