AEW Dynamite Reportedly Has Enough Footage Filmed for Months of Shows

AEW Dynamite may continue to air for months to come despite statewide shutdown orders prohibiting filming in locations throughout the United States. Last week's episode of TNT's Dynamite was filmed in a gym in Norcross, Georgia after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered residents of Florda to stay at home, forcing AEW to stop filming in an empty Daily's Place arena in Jacksonville. But after Wednesday's Dynamite, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp ordered Georgia to shut down too, causing fans to wonder whether that meant the end of Dynamite for the foreseeable future.

aew dynamite

However, a new report claims that AEW filmed enough matches both in Florida and Georgia to fill several weeks, if not months, of Dynamite episodes. PW Torch's Wade Keller, the Pepsi to Dave Meltzer's Coca-Cola, if I may make a pop reference, reports that AEW was more prepared for this eventuality than originally believed. According to Keller, AEW has plenty of matches filmed to stretch out over the coming weeks, including the AEW World Championship match between Jon Moxley and Jake Hager, which was filmed during the first week of empty arena filming that included Jim Ross on commentary. In addition, AEW has reportedly filmed the complete TNT Title championship tournament.

Pre-filmed matches aren't all AEW has to rely on to fill two hours of weekly television. They're able to bolster the matches with promo content filmed at wrestlers' homes and other locations. Additionally, AEW has apparently been keeping their wrestlers isolated into groups, with the group recording matches in Georgia different than the one in Florida. Wrestlers and staff are reportedly asked to self-quarantine for two weeks so they can be ready to get together and film more matches if restrictions in some states loosen up in order to allow it. If that happens, says Keller, AEW will air some of the pre-recorded matches on their YouTube show, AEW Dark.


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