Battlebots: All The Chaotic Fun You Need in Your Life Right Now

Being a picky television viewer has its' ups and downs, not everything is a winner or even enjoyable viewing, but there's a series out there for that…and it's Battlebots. The huge catalog of Discovery+includes everything from home renovation shows to the glittery trash piles of marriage-related television specials, but among all that is more than one gem. The one gem I hope to convince you to start watching today involves questionable puns, awkward but loveable personalities, insane robotic weapons, and a concept that delights the childlike joy inside us all. I personally started on the series, Battlebots: Bounty Hunters, which features multiple teams competing for the event to be named as the "Bounty Hunter" and then go up against a legendary bot.

Battlebots Is The Chaotic Fun That You Need To Start Watching NOW
Battlebots promo image. Source: Discovery

The battles can be quick, lengthy, destructive, or even hilariously tedious. There are parts for each type of viewer to enjoy whether they're watching the special "Bounty Hunters" season or any of the regular seasons.

The names are often either legendary in themselves, such as Witch Doctor or Tombstone, or they can fall off the radar after a quick loss. But each battle, no matter the outcome, is a huge spectacle all on its' own. Add in the variety of weapons witnessed, from flamethrowers to huge saws, the carnage of metal and material left on the battleground is incredible. It's also a truly fun show to watch with others, each guessing and discussing who you think might win the next battle or if they could defeat a legendary favorite. Part of me truly wishes I discovered this show earlier in my pandemic television viewing, but it's never too late to enjoy something like this. If you're looking for something new to view and get excited about, might I suggest the chaotic fun of Battlebots?

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