Burn the House Down: Netflix Previews Manga Series Adaptation

Netflix announced it would be producing a Japanese live-action TV series, Burn the House Down, which adapts the bestselling mystery thriller manga of the same title. The Netflix series will tell the story of Anzu Murata, a young woman who infiltrates the house of the wealthy Mitarai family as the new housekeeper with a secret plan to reclaim the life that was taken from her. She is greeted by the beautiful and impeccable second wife of Mr. Mitarai, Makiko, and undertakes a mission that will reveal the secrets behind a shocking fire that took place 13 years ago.

Burn the House Down: Netflix Announces Action Thriller From Manga
BURN THE HOUSE DOWN (Image: Netflix)

The original manga version of Burn the House Down was created by up-and-coming artist Moyashi Fujisawa and began serialization in Kodansha's Kiss magazine in 2017 and became an immediate hit, attracting multiple adaptations offers since its premiere. Burn the House Down is a Josei manga, the genre of comics aimed at adult women in their twenties and up. The main characters in Josei manga are adult women often in their 20s rather than coy and awkward teenage high schoolers. Adult relationships, class warfare, secrets, tragedy, and rage are often tackled head-on in Josei manga, and Netflix is obviously appealing to an adult female audience with this series. The streamer already runs several movies and TV series from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan featuring complex relationship dramas and thrillers about women in big houses at war with each other.

Anzu Murata will be played by popular Japanese actress Mei Nagano, while prolific movie and TV veteran Kyoka Suzuki co-stars as Makiko Mitarai. Burn the House Down is the first Netflix series both actresses will star in.

Burn the House Down: Netflix Announces Action Thriller From Manga
"Burn the House Down Vol. 3" cover art, Kodansha

As THR announced, Prolific director Yuichiro Hirakawa, who previously made the live-action version of The Promised Neverland and Group Demotion, has signed on to helm the series. Screenwriter Arisa Kaneko, a veteran of Orange and An Incurable Case of Love) will script the adaptation. Shinichi Takahashi executive produces, and Kei Haruna will produce.

Netflix plans to premiere Burn the House Down in 2023. The original manga version of Burn the House Down has, in fact, been translated into English recently and the first two volumes are available digitally on Amazon.

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