Creepshow Holiday Special Offers Fans Horrifically Wonderful Gift

Creepshow fans have one last treat hitting Shudder this week, as Greg Nicotero presents a special holiday episode releasing this Friday. Starring Ana Camp and Adam Pally, the holiday special, titled "Shapeshifters Anonymous," Pally stars as a man fearing he is a murderer, searching for answers for his "unique condition", he stumbles upon a group meeting led by Camp for shapeshifters. This hour-long episode is directed by Nicotero, based on a short story by J.A. Konrath. And let me tell you horror fans: this is a holiday special that will bring a smile to your face. The Creepshow Holiday Special delivers, and this will be holiday viewing for years to come.

Creepshow Delivers Holiday Frights That Bring Smiles To Faces

This is just a horror fan's dream. Everything about this Creepshow holiday episode of the show is fantastic, and it starts with the cast. The entire group is great, but Camp and Pally do some of their best work in a while here. Camp especially lets loose like I haven't seen her do in quite some time. All of the one-liners work and land huge, adding another layer that most horror productions these days tend to ignore. Who knew you could shapeshift into a turtle? And what does one do when turning into a turtle? I will let you find out when you watch it. Another standout is Frank Nictero as Ryan, the mysterious member of the group. When he stands up, he takes over the screen and becomes a total badass.

Watch The Trailer For Creepshow Holiday Special, On Shudder Next Week
Creepshow Holiday Special Poster

The real star however though is in the special effects work. About halfway through the episode, this becomes a fantastic, balls-to-the-wall good time. Everything goes crazy, as an army of Santas invades the meeting trying to take out our shape-shifting heroes. It all builds to them becoming their true selves, and with it comes some of the best practical effects work you will see on television. Man, did the Creepshow team nail every creature design, including St. Nick himself, invoking Super Shredder from TMNT 2. Awesome, awesome stuff.

This is one holiday special that horror fans can get behind, and will take its rightful place in the Christmas rotation for years to come. Great job and many thanks to the Creepshow team for giving us this one, and happy holidays to you all. The Creepshow Holiday Special will start streaming this Friday, December 18th on Shudder.

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