Ruby Rose

"Batwoman" and Alice Go "Through the Looking Glass" [SPOILER REVIEW]

The CW's Batwoman goes dark and heavy as we deal with the fallout from last week's episode where Kate (Ruby Rose) accidentally killed Jonathan Cartwright, Alice's (Rachel Skarsten) kidnapper and torturer. We literally open on the two of them, along with Daddy Kane (Dougray Scott) burying Cartwright under an overpass in some forgotten corner of […]


"Batwoman": PA Amanda Smith Injured, Paralyzed During Filming; Incident Under Investigation

Two days before production on The CW's Batwoman was shut down over coronavirus pandemic concerns, production assistant Amanda Smith was injured while filming the Warner Bros. TV series in Vancouver. Smith was left paralyzed from the waist down, with serious spinal injuries, including burst vertebrae. "A valued member of the Batwoman production team was recently […]

"Batwoman" Has Sister Doppelganger Trouble in "Take Your Choice" [SPOILER REVIEW]

On this week's episode of The CW's Batwoman, with another universe's Beth (Rachel Skarsten) back in Kate's (Ruby Rose) universe post-Crisis, we find that, much like that episode of The X-Files, the doppelgangers can't occupy the same place without cosmic consequences. Our episode revolves around Kate having to make a choice between Beth and Alice […]

"Crisis" Management: Ruby Rose, Melissa Benoist Talk Arrowverse's "World's Finest" [VIDEO]

We've officially reached December, folks – which means The CW's "Arrowverse" shows are in full swing at this point. Arrow is shuffling off the network's programming coil after an abbreviated 10-episode eighth season (making The Flash the "elder states-show" of the "Arrowverse"), Ruby Rose-starrer Batwoman joined the family alongside Supergirl and expanded the Batman mythos […]

"Batwoman" Crashes "A Mad Tea Party" in Final Pre-"Crisis" Episode [SPOILER REVIEW]

Now that's a mid-season finale! The CW's Batwoman ties off its pre-"Crisis" storylines with some major stakes and seismic shifts in the lives of our characters. And while Alice's "Mad Tea Party" doesn't directly tie in to the upcoming "Crisis" crossover, our final scene gives us invaluable clues as to what is happening (video below). […]

"Batwoman" Season 1 Gets Personal in "Tell Me the Truth" [SPOILER REVIEW]

This week's Batwoman is one of the best of the series so far, as it finally feels like the show is firing on all cylinders. It provides some great action sequences, introduces us to new characters, layers in backstory and secondary motivations, and provides some opportunities for our lead actors to show off their range. […]

"Batwoman" Gets Caught in Her Past in "Tell Me the Truth" [PREVIEW]

Batwoman is back this week, and we're meeting new friends and going deeper with old ones. It sounds like Kate (Ruby Rose) and Sophie (Meagan Tandy) will be front and center, with their prior relationship being explored more fully, especially as Sophie grapples with how to protect Kate and her identity as Batwoman from the […]

"Batwoman" Asks, "Who Are You?" – and The Answer? Magpie! [PREVIEW]

Batwoman is back. Having debuted her new version of the Batsuit last week, it's time for Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) to put her mark on Gotham. But this episode introduces us to a new shiny villain, Magpie (Rachel Matthews)  But Alice (Rachel Skarsten) is by no means done with Kate or the rest of her […]