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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Deserves A Final Run: BCTV DD Editorial

Let's start things off by getting a few things off the board. First, this editorial isn't meant as a disrespect to fans of The CW's Batwoman and the #SaveBatwoman campaign that's been kicking serious levels of ass over the past week. And second, I'm not going to be pulled down the nasty rabbit hole of throwing other shows that are still airing under the bus to make a point. Building yourselves up by bringing down others is never a good long-term life plan. Finally, as to who we're directing this? Well, after what EP & co-showrunner Keto Shimizu had to tweet over the past few days, the process of elimination seems to leave us at the door of Warner Bros. Discovery and their new incoming leadership headed by David Zaslav. So if that's the case then we hope they're listening because DC's Legends of Tomorrow deserves at least a limited series to give the fans and everyone involved with the production the opportunity to go out on their own terms.

legends of tomorow

Now, we can start on how "Legends" is one of those rare shows that found a way to make viewers feel like they're ready to wrap their run, only to hit them with a Donald-Faison-as-Booster-Gold season finale that felt like a shot of creative adrenaline. Or how the season finale set up the possibility of some returning faces (imagine the "time fun" they could have by knowing ahead of time that it's the final run) that would've driven nostalgia interest viewership through the roof. Or one of any number of reasons we've shared in the past as to why #SaveLegendsOfTomorrow needs to happen sooner rather than later. But we won't repeat those here. Instead, we wanted to share two more reasons why flipping the bill for even a four-episode limited series wrap would be the smart route to go:

"Legends" Was Pretty Much Doing "Multiverse" Before "Multiverse" Was Cool: And that's why it deserves a proper send-off on HBO Max because when you have a show like "Legends" then you have a show where the team line-up possibilities could be endless. So why not use it like that? Let "Legends" be the bridge between the Arrowverse and whatever the DC streaming series on HBO Max will be known as (if anything). In fact, now that I'm brainstorming this out loud? Not only should "Legends" be saved with a new season, but maybe a not-full reboot might be in order? To be clear? No one would mess with canon or the show's past seven seasons of continuity, but with a "multiverse sandbox" to play in, the "who's who" could be a ton of fun.

Learn from Disney+'s Mistakes with Netflix-Marvel Series: If there's one thing we learned from what recently went down with fans of Netflix's old run of Marvel series (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Punisher, Iron Fist & The Defenders) and the Disney+ streaming service. Arrowverse fans don't just love their respective series… oh, no! They "watch-them-multiple-times" love them, and when you're a streaming service? That's a very good thing to know. So by doing right by them now (instead of having to play PR catch-up like "The Mouse" did), you'll end up reaping the (financial) benefits for a long time to come.

But no matter what reason you choose to go with, Warner Bros. Discovery? It's time to bring back DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

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