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Batwoman & Legends of Tomorrow Limbo A Bad Move: BCTV Daily Dispatch

So every now and then, we're going to take a break from our regular BCTV Daily Dispatch format when there are some bigger issues at play that we feel like we need to address (though our coverage rundown is also waiting for you below)- like today, for example. There's been a ton of nervousness growing within The CW's Arrowverse fandom as of late. Basically, it boils down to a pair of reasons. First, because of COVID-related production changes and uncertain programming futures, the past two years have seen the network offer some pretty sweeping renewal announcements early in the year. That's not the case this year as things slowly begin to slide back to a semblance of normalcy, which means shows are being looked at more individually than they had been. Second, there was the word that WarnerMedia-Discovery (after the merger s complete) & Paramount Global (used to be ViacomCBS) were looking to sell off the network to Nexstar Media Group, Inc. Well, those concerns were put to rest earlier today by The CW… if you're a fan of The Flash and Superman & Lois. Of course, the Brec Bassinger-starring DC's Stargirl fans have some time to start worrying since filming on the third season just wrapped the other day. And I'm not surprised that the Kaci Walfall-starring Naomi has gotten a green light yet considering it's still early in its first season run. But what about the Javicia Leslie-starring Batwoman, coming off of a third season that saw the series both embrace and put its own spin on the Batman mythos? Or what about DC's Legends of Tomorrow, coming off a seventh season penultimate episode that felt like a series finale only to rejuvenate itself in the season finale (with the help of Donald Faison's Booster Gold)?

BATWOMAN/DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW (Image: The CW/Batwoman/Batwoman/DC's LOT/ DC's LOT)

Well, as of right now? Both shows are in limbo, awaiting decisions that could come any time between now and The CW's upfronts in May. And while there's no way of knowing what the actual reasoning is behind the move to delay a decision (possibly awaiting post-season streaming numbers, for example), what I can say is that from a perception standpoint? It's not good optics for two shows that wear their LGBTQ+ pride and openness regarding sex & sexuality on their sleeves to be left hanging as that Nexstar talk continues. The media company is a major player in the local TV scene that owns 199 local TV stations and is one of the largest CW-affiliated station owners (as well as owning NewsNation & The Hill). For those of you not familiar with Nexstar and NewsNation, the channel was in the headlines in March 2021 over staff departures and accusations that the news coverage was moving towards a more conservative, right-wing slant. Again, no one is saying one way or another if that's the reason or a reason to keep both shows on ice but it's a bit of a head-scratcher as to why two shows that could easily make the move from network to streaming once a sale is in place wouldn't be given a renewal "high-five." I also found it odd that The CW Network Chairman & CEO Mark Pedowitz would say in his statement that the shows renewed were "some of our most-streamed and socially-engaged programming" and not have Batwoman on that list. Have you been on Twitter on a night when there's a new episode- east and west coast airings? It's like a nine-hour Batwoman social media party.

So during a week where Disney is learning in a very loud-and-clear way to support under-represented groups like the LGBTQ community with more than words… that actions matter more, good and bad… here's hoping that the issues that are really at play have to do with the merits of the shows and not on the hang-ups of a potential suitor for The CW. Look, we all know that the future of the Arrowverse/Multiverse is heading to streaming, and that move had got a ton more pros to it than cons. The benefit of a move to streaming means much more creative flexibility and (potentially) better budgets to bring that creativity to life. The downside for fans is that it takes quality geek programming out of prime time and creates yet another paywall for viewers. But as the streaming wars continue to heat up, their drive for new, heat-generating content will make moves like these more the norm than the exception. But that doesn't mean you have to disrespect the viewers that brought you to this point in the process. Do both shows deserve to be brought back for another run? Absolutely. But does no news now mean bad news down the road? Not necessarily. But whatever the decision is and the reasoning behind it, that information needs to be shared sooner rather than later. Stay tuned…

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