"Doctor Who": BBC Unleashes Dalek Upon Unsuspecting Humans – for Halloween [VIDEO]

It was the Halloween season, so of course the BBC got into the act with a bit of Doctor Who chicanery. They put a Dalek in the reception of Television Center to scare the bejeezus out of visitors and staff members alike.

See? This is what happens when you don't have new episodes of Doctor Who for too long. The Daleks get restless and wander off to cause all kinds of trouble.


Notice it's one of the new taller, fatter IKEA-looking colour-coded Daleks? Those were first introduced as a revamp during Steven Moffat's run. The fans hated it so much they were retired and only showed up in the background of later shows. Fans hate change. I still wonder why they cling so much to the golden Daleks introduced back in 2005.

But do you know what the biggest takeaway from this video is?

British people are terrified of Daleks!

Britain's National Collective Fear of Daleks!

It's that British people are genetically primed to be scared of Daleks. Just watch that video again. A fictitious space Nazi that looks like a giant pepper shaker is an object of fear to at least four generations of British people! That's a fear that's become hardwired and passed down through the genes. Once at a convention, a child ran into a Dalek on the show floor and was frozen in terror. It took 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy to improvise a fight, drive the Dalek away and calm the kid down.

So what does the BBC do? It takes one of the IKEA Daleks out of storage, dusts off the mothballs and puts it in service in the reception area to terrorise hapless people. The IKEA Daleks have to be useful for something after the fans cruelly rejected them after their one episode of glory. That's the one with Winston Churchill in it. And they put the blue one in service. It's a cop Dalek. Of course it is. Too bad this was a one-off deal. Daleks should harass and terrorise everyone who walks into the BBC everyday. This is what happens when the Doctor isn't around to save the day. And it's the blue one, so it's a Cop Dalek!

Maybe it's auditioning for the next series of Line of Duty. 

Britons, this is what your license fee paid for. At least it's more amusing than Brexit.

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