"Doctor Who": Big Finish Teases "Lost" Tom Baker/Cybermen Story Adapt

Looking ahead to next year, an unfilmed story from Tom Baker's first season on Doctor Who will be produced by Big Finsh Productions as an audio drama. "Return of the Cybemen" was originally written by 1974 by their creator Gerry Davis. Then-story editor Robert Holmes rewrote it extensively and it became "Revenge of the Cybermen".

It was very different from Davis' original script. The story was the only time the Cybermen showed up during the 4th Doctor's run. They didn't show up during 3rd Doctor's era at all because Jon Pertwee allegedly didn't like them and vetoed any pitches. That story might be apocryphal, entertaining as it is.

"Doctor Who": Classic Spooky Cybermen

According to the Radio Times, Big Finish unearthed Davis' original script and made the decision to produce it as an audio drama. The production will be included as part of the "Lost Stories" line of titles.

"Doctor Who": Big Finish Teases "Lost" Tom Baker/Cybermen Story Adapt

"I'd known of Return of the Cybermen for many years. But it was only relatively recently that I was able to source Gerry Davis's script thanks to some great detective work by archivist Richard Bignell!

John Dorney's adaptation stays true to the original script and the era, though there have been some very minor changes to bring it in line with the kind of amends we believe Robert Holmes would have asked for. Little things that make it sit comfortably in season 12.

It's rather different in tone to Revenge of the Cybermen – darker, scarier and more reminiscent of claustrophobic 1960s Cybermen tales like The Moonbase  and The Invasion."

– David Richardson, Producer

Baker is set to return for the full-cast recording, with the remainder of the cast set to be announced at a later date.

Doctor Who: Return of the Cybermen is set to be released some time in 2021. It will be available as both a digital download and a collector's edition 2-disc boxset from Big Finish.

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