Doctor Who Cast Endures Next Round of BBC's Squid-Games-on-a-Budget

Doctor Who has loaded up on a whole bunch of videos where stars Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, and John Bishop play various games in between shooting Doctor Who: Flux and Whittaker's final three specials. The latest video has the Doctor and her latest companions competing to see who can trace a path through a maze to the TARDIS.

Doctor Who: BBC Tortures Cast by Making Them Play Maze Game
Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gil from "Doctor Who" play at mazes, BBC

The cast and crew of Doctor Who have to actually live on location in Wales where the studios and most of the locations are to film the entire series. In the pandemic, it's actually more urgent to get everyone through the production block before sending them home. Of course cast and crew joke and play games between takes and during their downtime, so why not stage some of the games on video as a promotion and bit of fun for the fans? The majority of the most faithful Doctor Who viewers in the UK are still kids, after all, so this is really for them. For adults fans, sure, why not? This current cast has probably recorded more of these types of videos than previous ones and sometimes we worry if they might be trapped in a real-life BBC version of Squid Game only without the cash rewards since the BBC is strapped for dosh. That's practically a Doctor Who plot in itself!

We kid! We kid! These videos also play on nostalgia for the types of games we played as kids. A paper maze was a common thing in British comics anthologies and magazines for kids for decades. This one just has a TARDIS slapped on it. This does make us start thinking about these paper mazes for the first time and we have questions. Somebody has to design this maze! Were they paid? How long did it take them? Is this an actual specialized job? Does the BBC have maze designers on staff for when a paper maze game video is needed? How much does a maze designer get paid? It's not something you can just get an intern or a production assistant to whip up during their tea break.

Oh well, this is something to tide us over until we suffer through the New Year's Day Special Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks. We are already disappointed that it won't introduce a new character named Eve Dalek. Your lack of imagination fails the show again, Chris Chibnall!

Maybe Whittaker will race through that maze to the TARDIS to discover her choice for Doctor Who successor Lydia West waiting inside.

Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks premieres on New Year's Day on the BBC and BBC America.

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