Doctor Who Diagnosis: Needs to Be Way More Queer & Way Less Hetero

Don't get me wrong, I would travel without hesitation with many of those that have stepped into the role of The Doctor, but it's not gay enough for me. There's plenty of heterosexual nonsense that's for sure, except for Amy and Rory who I shall protect with the tears collected from watching those final episodes featuring them. Let's be honest. There are plenty of subtle pieces of queer themes in the BBC's Doctor Who. I'm looking at you, David Tennant's 10th Doctor.

Doctor Who Should Be Way More Queer & Way Less Hetero: Opinion
Source: BBC

I get it… you're a beloved institution at this point in television lore, but there's more personality in that dog in the cast of Downton Abbey than some of the recent seasons and episodes in their entirety. You call that progress? You can't give a female doctor the rainbow without truly giving her what it represents. The point is you have got to allow more queer people in your writer's rooms and spaces, they're fucking hilarious and creative compared to "the old white mentality" soup ya currently got going on. There may have been great teams in the past, but they need to just "not" right now, not when there are still so many under-represented voices for a show that's been on for this long.

Doctor Who Should Be Way More Queer & Way Less Hetero: Opinion
More of this, but way more queer please Source: BBC

A large majority of the Doctor Who audience belongs to a community and set of identities that could give this series a lot more than it has right now. The LGBTQIA+ community deserves a seat at the controls of the series, let them in the TARDIS. I mean it is bigger on the inside, so there's no excuse there. I wanna see real queer folks with joyful, heartbreaking & life-altering moments because there's still room to grow from the small instances in Doctor Who where it has branched out in the past from its past. Just give me the gayest Doctor Who possible (and written by someone in the community- don't you dare touch that computer & try to feed us some weird-ass stereotype bullshit).

Unfortunately, though while some might listen there are still plenty of nerd bros & nerd girls out there with homophobia in their what-constitutes-for-a-heart (and less than desirable skincare routines) who live to reply-tweet. I see you. You lose having a valid position, but hateful rhetoric isn't anything but "hate" so go cry about it somewhere else. I want that Doctor Who gay romance, rigorous make-out sessions, or even simple hand-holding (hell, even throw in a consensual BDSM scene; I mean you don't have to, but it'd be cool if ya did). The show is ridiculous, but then again so is life and so it should reflect it in these fantastical spaces. It's time for the BBC's Doctor Who to truly "walk the walk" and put into practice the universal principles it's been preaching for so long.

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