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Steve Orland & Giopota Launch Queer Time Travel Comic On Kickstarter
Timed for Pride Month, Vault Comics launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new series, Sainted Love, from Steve Orlando and Giopota with colours by Rosh and letters by Simon Bowland, on Kickstarter, described as a queer, sexy, time travel romance comic. "Sainted Love is, in a lot of ways, the book my whole career's been building to–it's[...]
Glamorous: Queer-Led Netflix Series Trailer, June 22 Premiere
The soapy workplace drama series stars Miss Benny (they/them) playing a character named Marco Mejia, a young gender-nonconforming queer man whose life seems to be stuck in place Well, that is until he meets esteemed beauty mogul — and one of his biggest idols — Madolyn Addison (played by legendary actor Kim Cattrall, she/her) while working[...]
Queer For Fear Episode 3 & 4 Review: Horror Will Always Be Queer
Shudder's Queer for Fear gave excellent clarity and insight into the depth of queer experiences in monster, vampire, and femme fatale horror films The last two episodes of the docuseries had two clear goals for the last two episodes of the docuseries examining the hidden parts of your queer identity and perspectives when looking at[...]
With Dahmer, Netflix Exploits Queer Pain & People Of Color (Opinion)
Imagine reliving your traumatic moments through an actor showcasing them on screen and without the care to consult you. @potentialfulest #disabilitypridemonth #disabilityawareness #cerebralpalsy #advocacy #wearemorethanourdisabilities #speechtechnology #systemisbroken #wearenotbroken #fypシ #isolation #lgbt #dahmernetflix #isolation #socialissues #inclusive #tonyhughes #cislgbt #religiousbigotry #biblebelt ♬ original sound – potentialfulest @theconsciouslee Thoughts?? #greenscreen #dahmernetflix #dahmerwasamonster #jeffreydahmer ♬[...]
Patrick Zircher Takes To Twitter Over Masculinity And Superheroes
Comic book artist Brian Blacketer replied "I mean that makes sense though right? Superheroes have always been about flash and style, and right now queer culture is big on glitz and glam as well as growing in acceptance within our society" Patrick Zircher replied in a series of tweets which took it further: No, it doesn't particularly[...]
Bob The Drag Queen -music video draft
The single is drag, rap, and unapologetically queer all at once! The video was shot on iPhone and pays homage to uber-popular TikTok transitions Bob the Drag Queen spoke about the song, meaning in the video and more about the process behind it all including the unique filming process. Image: Music Video Screencap (Q) How is "Bitch[...]
My Bisexual Awakening Was Set In Motion By Movies [Opinion]
Anyways, here's the quick rundown before we get into some movies that made me realize how incredibly queer I was from the start. I wasn't truly exploring my reality of attraction beyond the opposite sex because it was honestly difficult to understand it was ok to feel that way in the first place Glimpses of films[...]
After Blue: Bertrand Mandico's Queer Sci-Fi Film On VOD Aug 30th
Bertrand Mandico's queer sci-fi romance story, After Blue (Dirty Paradise), is coming to video-on-demand on August 30th, starring Paula Luna, Elina Löwensohn, Vimala Pons, and Agata Buzek The film will be available on AppleTV, Amazon, GooglePlay, Vudu, and Vimeo in North America. Source: Altered Innocence "In a faraway future, on a wild and untamed female inhabited planet called After Blue,[...]
Bi: Julia Shaw Book Explores An Often Erased Community [Review]
These smaller pieces aren't often brought up, like Google analytics and algorithms that contribute to invisibility for queer communities Bi: The Hidden Culture, History, and Science of Bisexuality, works through prominent figures in the study of sexuality and attraction without sugarcoating issues with bias and flaws they may have presented in their research The amount[...]
Queer For Fear: Shudder Docuseries Key Art Mixing Carrie & Drag
A prom queen has arrived with the new key art for Shudder's Queer For Fear: The History of Queer Horror, bringing excitement and iconic drag icon Alaska Thunderfuck to our attention in a gorgeous portrait. Series key art featuring Alaska Thunderfuck photographed by Tayo Kuku Jr. Shudder released today the key art for Queer for Fear, the four-part docu-series about[...]
Heartstopper: Stellar LGBTQ+ Netflix Series Must Watch [Opinion]
Heartstopper has many funny and honest moments that reflect not only being a teenager but the diverse intersections of queer life from a young age. "Boy meets boy Boys become friends Boys fall in love When gentle Charlie and rugby-loving Nick meet at secondary school, they quickly discover that their unlikely friendship is blossoming into an[...]
Astrid & Lilly, Our Flag Means Death, & More Queer Media Favorites
I know it's not Pride month yet, but there's always time in the year to be unapologetically queer, especially with what we watch on TV or online The amount of content has luckily gone up but we've also seen fans be misled and dismissed as well…I'm looking at you Killing Eve What I've loved seeing[...]
Our Flag Means Death
Spoilers are plentiful, so turn back now if you'd like…or don't, but you've been warned. Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max A series wrapped already in love from the queer community, Our Flag Means Death doesn't bring the viewer in and expect their care and consideration without giving back to them Each character is given the needed attention[...]
DEMONHUNTR: A New LGBTQ Horror Series Will Be On Here TV In 2022
Queer horror is making a name for itself on the subscription service, Here TV, with an announcement of a new series Here TV, America's first and largest LGBTQ+ premium subscription TV and streaming service, has acquired the new horror-comedy series Demonhuntr, from creator Tim O'Leary The acquisition was announced on Saturday, November 27th at the[...]
Doctor Who Should Be Way More Queer & Way Less Hetero: Opinion
There are plenty of subtle pieces of queer themes in the BBC's Doctor Who I'm looking at you, David Tennant's 10th Doctor. Source: BBC I get it… you're a beloved institution at this point in television lore, but there's more personality in that dog in the cast of Downton Abbey than some of the recent seasons and[...]
How Marvel and DC are Collecting Their Pride Comics for Bookstores
Here are the listings for both;   Marvel's Voices: Pride Paperback – May 3, 2022 by Anthony Oliveira, Steve Orlando, Kieron Gillen, Allan Heinberg, Javier Garron, Jim Cheung , Kris Anka Stories from the world outside your window, by diverse creators who are making theirs Marvel — and making their voices heard! Take pride in a rainbow-powered, queer-centered anthology by[...]
Disappearing/Reappearing Queer Loki On Marvel's Voices: Pride Cover
Bleeding Cool first highlighted Luciano Vecchio's 35th Anniversary of the 25th Anniversary Marvel cover, introducing a new queer character to the Marvel canon, Somnus, Marvel's Voices: Pride Cover by Luciano Vecchio While featuring many of the publisher's queer characters around the edges It was noted, however, on an Instagram story video from Vecchio showing the cover being[...]
Marvel Comics And Star Wars Announce Pride Month Covers
And now its Star Wars titles are joining in – a franchise not exactly known for its textual LGBTQ representation on the screen, but there is plenty of queer subtext and coding going on throughout And Marvel's Star Wars comic books have gone a lot further than most, especially with the likes of Doctor Aphra. And[...]
Anne Camlin and Isadora Zeferino have just sold the rights to a graphic novel queer modern retelling of Jane Austen's Emma as Mismatched. Camlin is a New York-based writer of fiction and comics including the young adult novel, Young Magic and has had comics and prose work featured by Lucky Juice Press and Sparkler Magazine[...]
The Irony Age Of Comics – Judge Dredd Publishers Oppose Parodies of Judge Badges (UPDATE)
But the most prominent having the legend, QUEER. But not everyone at 2000AD was happy about this Also attending NYCC And tweeting publically… Hi Christopher, we take unauthorised use of our copyrighted characters very seriously Could you please drop us a line at press@2000ad.com as soon as possible? Thanks! — 2000 AD Comics (#NYCC Booth 2244) (@2000AD) 30[...]
Red Hood: Outlaw #37 to Debut a New Non-Binary Superhero, DNA
And now Rocafort returns to Red Hood just as Jason Todd has accepted an offer from Lex Luthor as part of the Year Of The Villain crossover, to act as a teacher and mentor for up-and-coming super-powered individuals, who all make their debut in this week's Red Hood: Outlaw #37. That includes DNA, who Kenneth describes[...]
ComiXology Pride Month
Well, there's not much Pride Month left for 2017, but ComiXology have the perfect deal to help you celebrate the last few days of LGBTQ+ acceptance, remembrance and excellence with a special Pride sale on various indie LGBTQ books and titles. You have until the end of June to take advantage of this incredible sale, which[...]
G I Joe Brings In First Queer Artist For Homoerotic New Variant Cover
And as it's the first time a queer creator has tackled these staunchly heterosexual characters and property, it's nice to see Luce play with it a bit with more than a pinch (or should that be headlock?) of homoeroticism. I mean, that is an olive drab I see in a right pocket there You know the[...]
Outside WonderCon's White Picket Fence: LGBT Takes on Kill Shakespeare, Vision, and Steven Universe
#eliotcaps {font-variant: small-caps;} Emilie Badaboom writes for Bleeding Cool At at Queering Comics panel, panelists presented scholarly dialogue presenting their reviews of various comic universes stories as they relate to queer theory The panel included commentary on Kill Shakespeare by Karma Waltonen, The Vision by Andrew Barton, and on Steven Universe's comics and show by Michael Lee[...]
One Of The Power Rangers Is Gay
Again, we will mention it here, so prepare for spoilers. . . . . Trini, the Yellow Ranger, played by Becky G., will be queer, possibly gay or bi (pretty much everyone else is specifically saying gay, but it is not clarified 100% in the film, and Bleeding Cool for one does not like to add to the long-standing problem[...]