Doctor Who: Mark Gatiss Finds "Lost" Script; Big Finish Wants Retweets

Actor and screenwriter Mark Gatiss tweeted that he found a "lost" script for the BBC's Doctor Who that he wrote ages ago. Now it would appear that Big Finish Productions will be producing it as an audio drama… if they get enough retweets about it.

Doctor Who: Mark Gatiss Finds
Mark Gatiss in "Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time", still courtesy of BBC Studios

Gatiss tweeted that he was sorting through his father's old loft, looking at old photographs, scrapbooks, treasured Doctor Who books… and an old script he wrote on a typewriter called "Flatlands" featuring the 6th Doctor (Colin Baker) and Peri (Nicola Bryant).

Then fans asked Big Finish on Twitter what it would take for them to adapt it, just like they're adapting Russell T. Davies' unproduced script "Mind of the Hodiac". They asked for 1,000 retweets:

Gatiss, as you probably already know, is a megafan who has been prominent since the 1990s. He wrote several Virgin Adventure novels, some featuring his personal favourite, Jon Pertwee's 3rd Doctor. He also wrote several Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventures in that period, which were released originally on CD. Those are now available both in CD and digital downloads. He is part of the group of fans who became professionals in the 1990s that included Russell T. Davies, Stephen Moffat, and Paul Cornell, who all ended up writing for the show when Davies relaunched it in 2005. He has appeared on the show twice, once as a villain in David Tennant's 2nd series as the 10th Doctor and in Peter Capaldi's final story and Christmas Special "Twice Upon a Time" as an ancestor of the Brigadier's. He has guested on Game of Thrones, produced and hosted BBC documentary series about British horror movies, and also wrote An Adventure in Space and Time, a drama about the early days in the creation and production of Doctor Who celebrating the first Doctor William Hartnell. He is also co-creator and co-showrunner of Sherlock and the new Dracula with Stephen Moffat.

So of course, Big Finish is going to produce "Flatlands"! But this is at least a cute little internet campaign to get fans engaged while we're still waiting for series 13 of Doctor Who to show up.

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