Dolph Ziggler Threatens Fans With 40 Minute Match at Extreme Rules

Dolph Ziggler is really living his heel gimmick. The Show Stealer was interviewed by Sports Illustrated ahead of his upcoming championship match against Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules in July, and Ziggler had a really frightening suggestion that is sure to get heat with fans. Ziggler wants his match with McIntyre to last 30 to 40 minutes!

Not even Sasha Banks and Bayley believe Dolph Ziggler's not a jobber to the stars.
Not even Sasha Banks and Bayley believe Dolph Ziggler's not a jobber to the stars. (Image: WWE)

"One thing I have going for me is I've never been tired in a wrestling match—high school, college, or WWE," Ziggler said in the interview. "And I think a huge moment for me will be if Drew and I get into the 30-, 40-minute mark and I am an unstoppable machine of cardio and collegiate wrestling, then I really think I can make something special happen out there. I was with Drew for about a year, and we very much think alike. If you're here just to hang around, we're going to kick you in the ass and we're going to stomp over you. You need to catch up with us or go toe-to-toe in the ring with us to make something special happen in the ring."

Ziggler hasn't won a high profile match in what seems like a decade at least, so going into his match against the dominant McIntyre, regardless of his in-ring skills, nobody believes Ziggler has a chance. In pro wrestling, a match whose outcome is 100% predictable is pretty much the worst possible scenario, except Ziggler has somehow managed to make the prospect even worse: a match that's 100% predictable and lasts the better part of an hour! No matter how athletic Ziggler may be, and no matter how well he can sell, the drama and tension in a wrestling match come down to getting the crowd, or viewers, to believe in a fight they know is predetermined.

That's simply not possible with Ziggler, who is absolutely going to lose to McIntyre at Extreme Rules. And since we know who's going to win, the best-case scenario would be for the match to be extremely short. Ring the bell, hit the claymore, do the pin, and then let's all move on to something we actually want to see. Unfortunately, it looks like Dolph Ziggler has other plans. Hopefully, WWE doesn't go along with them, because if this match lasts more than five minutes, Extreme Rules really will be a "horror show."

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