Epic Meal Time & Harley Morenstein: YouTube Creator Spotlight

Many will know him as the host of the long-running Epic Meal Time series on YouTube, where he leads a group of young, ambitious men on dangerous missions to create meals that tower higher than a human being. Meals that top hundreds of thousands of calories. Meals that could take someone out of the game, permanent style. However, Harley Morenstein also has his own channel, where his lifestyle outside of Epic Meal Time may surprise viewers. He has been publishing videos on his personal, eponymous vlog channel since July 10th, 2012. Here's a look at where he started, what his channel has to offers, and what he is doing now.

Vlog screenshot. Credit: Harley Morenstein's YouTube
Vlog screenshot. Credit: Harley Morenstein's YouTube

One day, we will give the insanity that is Epic Meal Time its own dedicated post. These days, as that channel posts less frequently, it's Morenstein himself that has become more and more interesting. He documents his life on this once-secondary channel, which was initially used to post seconds-long joke clips for Epic Meal Time fans. Such videos include the seven-second-long "How to make a Maple Glazed Bacon Doughnut," the six-second "Biggest Nacho Ever," and the comparatively Tolkienesque fourteen-second-long "The BEST way to eat a Dorito!"

In recent years, Morenstein, known to Epic Meal Time viewers as the Sauce Boss, has turned the channel into a view into his personal life. In part, it feels like an extended hangout scene featuring Seth Rogen's friends from Knocked Up. However, Morenstein's best content on the channel shows him as an avid collector of toys, video games, and film memorabilia, where his enthusiasm for geek culture and, if you'd believe it, fitness shines. The vlog channel is special for its silliness because while you can go to Epic Meal Time and get exactly what you expect, Morenstein's vlog channel feels more like a good friend picking you up and taking you on a crazy adventure.

The top five most viewed videos on his channel include:

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