Finn Balor Is Batman And That's All Anyone Needs To Know

Apparently the WWE is on the same page as me, and is totally pimping out the new Justice League movie. I happen to really love both JL and the WWE, so this awesome crossover video did my fangirl heart proud. Finn Balor is Batman, and… lots more.

Finn Balor Is Batman WWE Justice League Promo

Granted, it's WWE UK, but I will take what I can get. The breakdown is…

Finn Balor as Batman
Roman Reigns as Aquaman
Sasha Banks as Wonder Woman
Kalisto as The Flash
Dean Ambrose as Cyborg

It should come to no surprise that I am 100% on board that Finn Balor is Batman here. I am a big Batman fan, and also a big Balor fan. They're both dark and mysterious and have alter ego's (and there are B's in their name), so I am all about this. I rather like rest of these pairings as well, though Ambrose made me scratch my head a little. If you could make a JL roster, who would you pick?

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