Hulu Sets Up Marvel's Runaways Locker Display At NYCC

Hulu Sets Up Marvel's Runaways Locker Display
Marvel's Runaways

Photos by Bleeding Cool's Jeremy Konrad:

In preparation for their upcoming Runaways series, Hulu has set up a display at New York Comic Con of the lockers from Atlas Academy used by their titular Runaways.

Most notable is the staff belonging to Sister Grimm, aka Nico Minoru. Her locker is full of mystic arcana: crystals, candles, a picture of the mystic eye, and a wooden totem akin to the infamous one from The Blair Witch Project. It also has a Book of Shadows.

Sister Grimm's the most detailed and personalized. The remainder are a bit more generic. There is one with chords and stands for a smart phone or MP3 player. There are back packs with notepads and books hanging out. I'm sure you could speculate who they belong to; one could make a decent argument that the tech-oriented setup belongs to Alex Wilder.

This is some clever marketing for sure. They cleverly play with the absentee implication of the term "Runaways," and give you the after-the-fact clues of who they are and what happened. That plays with the human instinct to put together puzzles and discover a mystery. In all likelihood, the show doesn't look to be much of a detective or mystery thriller, but it is an admittedly good way of getting fans hyped up for the series nonetheless.

I'm mostly hyped for Old Lace. A freaking Deinonychus (not a Velociraptor, but they are both Dromaeosaurs) with a nose-piercing is a good-selling point for any comic series and television show. I mean, come on. That's just awesome.

Runaways will be debuting on Hulu on November 21st of this year. If you would like some first look photos of the Marvel series, here's a link to some pictures fellow Bleeding Cool writer Kaitlyn Booth uploaded to the site.

Old Lace is the king.

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