Kevin Owens to AEW Confirmed? Plus More Wrestling News and Hot Goss

Is Kevin Owens headed to AEW? Has Vince Russo rejoined WWE? When will the Iiconics make their post-WWE debut? All those questions and more will be answered, my friends!

Kevin Owens to AEW Confirmed? Plus More Wrestling News and Hot Goss
Kevin Owens surviving a 2016 food fight on Raw, courtesy of WWE – Wrestling News and Hot Goss in The People's Dirt Sheet Rumor Roundup with His Excellency, El Presidente

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, and for years I spent my time rounding up my political enemies and having them executed, but now instead I round up wrestling rumors from around the web and bring them to you here in The People's Dirt Sheet Rumor Roundup. And my friends, I can honestly say that I enjoy the latter more, even if I do occasionally miss the sounds of tortured dissidents crying out for mercy. Then again, I can always just read one of Chad McMahon's ratings articles for a similar effect, comrades. Haw haw haw haw!

The big story this week is the news that Kevin Owens' contract expires in January 2022, not in 2023 as originally thought. Fightful Select reports that Owens' deal was restructured during the pandemic, when they were laying off half of their workers, and the deal was shortened to expire in January. Unlike with Adam Cole, whose contract expired without WWE realizing it, officials are said to be well aware of the deadline for Owens. And so is Owens, for what it's worth, comrades. He tweeted, then deleted, the coordinates for Mount Rushmore, referencing the stable Owens was a part of with Adam Cole and the Young Bucks before signing with WWE. Can we take this to mean that Owens will rejoin his friends in AEW when his contract expires? Normally, I'd expect Vince McMahon to throw as much money at Owens as possible to prevent him leaving, but the WWE Chairman's priorities appear to have shifted lately, and he appears to have no qualms about giving AEW more talent.

Speaking of wrestlers jumping to AEW, both Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole discussed their moves at the post-All-Out media scrums. Bryan said that his wife, Brie Bella, is unlikely to follow him to AEW because she's "happy" in WWE and has a lot of business connections there. As for Cole, he said that his conversation with Vince McMahon before he decided to sign with AEW went well and that he has "no bad experiences" with McMahon at all. Wait, so no one talked any kind of trash whatsoever?! What kind of post-WWE interviews were these, anyway, comrades?!

Kevin Owens to AEW Confirmed? Plus More Wrestling News and Hot Goss
Bryan Danielson makes his not-quite-surprise debut at AEW All Out – Wrestling News and Hot Goss in The People's Dirt Sheet Rumor Roundup with His Excellency, El Presidente

Speaking of Daniel Bryan, Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that AEW did indeed attempt to license The Final Countdown by Europe for Bryan's entrance music, but it apparently was too expensive for billionaire Tony Khan. Rumor has it the band Europe hates the song, despite it being their only hit, and priced its licensing fees so high in an attempt to make it purposely unavailable to all but the most determined licensors. Personally, comrades, I think that AEW is going about it all wrong and should take a page out of WCW's old playbook of producing a generic soundalike version of The Final Countdown for Bryan instead.

Vince Russo has returned to WWE… for a one-off special project. The former WWE, WCW, and TNA booker tweeted:

Yeah, right, comrade. You don't want a job with WWE. That's just what I told the previous regime about wanting to become El Presidente right before I staged a coup attempt and seized power for myself. Stop fronting, bro! You know you would would do anything to get a job offer from WWE. Haw haw haw!

Finally, in a last nugget of wrestling news for you, comrades, the tag team formerly known as The Iiconics have announced an upcoming return tour under a new name: The Iinspiration. Cassie Lee tweeted:

They also discussed their upcoming tour on the latest edition of their podcast:

The first tweet also came with a photo of the duo in sexy leathery underwear, but Bleeding Cool will not allow your El Presidente to embed the photo due to fear of copyright trolls, so you'll have to click through to… hey, where did you all go?

Okay, comrades, that's enough wrestling news and hot goss for one day. I'll probably be back tomorrow with more, unless I get stuck fending off another assassination attempt by the American CIA. Until then, remember: socialism or death!

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