Lana Speaks Out About Bobby Lashley Cuckold Storyline from WWE Raw

WWE Superstar Lana spoke about the soap opera storyline between herself, her husband Rusev, and Bobby Lashley in an interview with Sportskeeda last week. The storyline saw Lana leave her husband for Lashley, accusing Rusev of being a sex addict and cheating on her. The storyline harkened back to the trash TV of WWE's famed Attitude Era, which garnered the highest ratings ever for the company. As far as Lana is concerned, that's a good thing.

"I think I push the envelope in everything I do, in all the storyline I've been in, in WWE," said Lana in the interview. "I feel like I'm very lucky to do some form of soap opera story. I just feel like soap opera stories, in general, are very relatable and everyone can connect to heartache. Everyone can connect with either being cheated on or know someone that's cheating or know someone that has lied in a relationship or know someone that's gotten a divorce."

Lana Says Cuckolding Connects with the WWE Universe

According to Lana, the storyline wasn't just entertaining. It was also relatable. "Most people have broken up once in their life, at least," Lana says, perhaps overestimating WWE fans' ability to find partners in the first place. "I just think that all those stories are relatable and people understand that. And people connect with it. Not everyone understands and connects with winning a championship or winning a title, or being the most athletic person or being genetically superior."

That's a dig against fellow competitors like Charlotte Flair, and a fair criticism of WWE's somewhat bland storytelling in recent years. Soap opera drama is why many people watch wrestling in the first place and anyone who says differently probably doth protest too much. Lana continued, "Like, I don't relate to being genetically superior. I've had to work my a** off to get anything in my life. And I know there are a lot of people like that. But most people have experienced heartache or betrayal or breakups at some point, so I think those stories are very compelling. I've been very blessed to be in stories like that, that have to do with issues of the heart."

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

Lana credits Paul Heyman with the storyline and with making Raw more interesting since taking over, and we all have to admit she has a point. Sure, a lot of people had a problem with the storyline, but it was clear that the crowd ate it up. I could do with seeing more trashy storylines in WWE in the future, and whether they want to admit it or not, so could the entire WWE Universe. Plus, I have to admit, the whole thing was kind of hot too. I wonder if my wife Keighleyanne would be into that sort of thing? Watch the interview below.

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