Lookism: Hit Webtoon Anime Adapt Debuts on Netflix This November

Lookism is the latest anime series adapted from a hit webtoon coming to Netflix on November 4th. A pudgy high school student who's the victim of bullies awakes one morning to discover that he now has a handsome face and perfect body, and his whole life changes. He's perfect at everything now. Girls throw themselves at him. He can kick his bullies' asses without breaking a sweat. Revenge is a big theme in Korean pop culture. Every second webtoon series I all about getting revenge on bullies. As his life becomes everything he ever dreamed of, he still remembers what it was like before he suddenly looked like a K-drama idol and wonders if that's all there. What's he going to do with his life now?

Lookism Anime Based on Hit Webtoon Hits Netflix November 4th
"Lookism" key art; Netflix

Lookism the anime is produced by Studio Mir, the studio behind DOTA: Dragon's Blood and The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. Currently serialized on digital comics platforms LINE Manga and Naver WEBTOON, "Lookism" follows the protagonist as he works hard to live life against the backdrop of various social issues. It began serialization in 2014 and has 8.7 billion views globally, just the type of numbers that gets Netflix's attention.

As the write-up from Netflix goes, "Just like the original webtoon, the story of the animated series Lookism also deals with the subtle lookism and materialism present in the lives of people living in modern society. Unique character designers have breathed life into the main characters of the original manga, giving them vivid voices, dynamic direction, and gorgeous effects. Through fascinating episodes with a slightly different feel compared to the original manga, this series will deliver excitement and new discoveries. Enjoy the story of Park Hyeong-seok as he overcomes diverse encounters and conflicts and grows to fulfill his dreams." The Netflix Series Lookism starts streaming worldwide on Friday, November 4, only on Netflix.

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