Lucy Liu Lands A New Gig And Casts Doubts On 'Elementary's' Renewal Chances


Elementary star Lucy Lui has a new gig which is left fans of the show wondering if the CBS drama is getting canceled after five seasons. The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Liu has booked a multi episode arc on the Hulu comedy Difficult People.

Liu will take on the role of Veronica, a morally corrupt, taste-challenged and highly successful alpha female. She is the book editor who gives Marilyn (Andrea Martin) a chance to publish her own book. Liu will appear in multiple episodes on the third season of the Billy Eichner-Julie Klausner comedy.

The third season of Difficult People is set to air on August 8, 2017 on Hulu. This is usually during the summer hiatus for network television but Liu is a relatively new mother with her first son Rockwell turning two this year so it seems unlikely that she would want to work through the summer on Difficult People then through the fall and winter on Elementary. There has been no formal announcement for Elementary yet but we should know within the next couple of days.

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