"Modern Family": Fun, Touching "Baby Steps" Towards Finale [REVIEW]

I was bracing for an emotionally tough episode of ABC's Modern Family this week… you know, with only three more episodes to go I can only assume each episode will feel like a "goodbye" of some sort. However, I was suprised that it was actually fun and got – dare, I say – quite a few chuckles from me.

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As always, each episode of Modern Family weaves along a number of storylines. Let's start with Alex (Ariel Winter) who is finally coming out of her "nerd-shell" and living the life with her new fancy job. However, her professional fantasy comes crashing down hard to reality when she starts getting heckled at a college event – because Alex works for "The Man" now.

Alex has always been one of my favorite characters on Modern Family – As I've mentioned in past reviews, she is the one I relate to the most. Her growth very much mirrors my own. I have been a big fan of seeing her get a pretty luxurious life out of something she was mocked for her whole life: being smart and goal-oriented. It was a bit shocking to hear she was working for such a hated employer. Her banter with Professor Arvin (Chris Geere) was everything I wanted and I hope to see more of them together… or end up together… anyone?

We had Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet), who were still debating on what to say to the adoption agency – only to find themselves being shown the house of their dreams by Gloria (Sofia Vergara) in an attempt to sell it to them. It was very cute to see their debate on whether they were now too old to have a another child. The ending finds them giving a last-minute "Yes" to both adopting a baby boy and the new home – and it brought out a wave of tears from my eyes.

As for the Dunphy clan: Claire (Julie Bowen) finally lands the interview of her dreams, but ends up stuck in the false step Phil (Ty Burrell) never got around to fixing – the entire series' run. So why not start fixing it minutes before she gets her interview call, right? Watching Phil, Jay (Ed O'Neill), and Luke (Nolan Gould) put together a makeshift office for Claire for her to interview was cute – seeing the way it failed and still worked out for the best was one of the best representative depictions of the family's overall dynamic – and in a span of mere minutes.

Modern Family Wraps Up Last Season and Party

This was a fun yet touching episode of Modern Family and it makes my heart break just a little more for the upcoming finale. I cannot wait to see what happens – yet at the same time, I really do not want it to end.

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