My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball OVA Hits The Field This Summer

With the upcoming sixth season of My Hero Academia premiering this fall, fans learned that two OVAs (Original Video Animations) will be hitting screens before then. While we seem to be gearing up for war in the upcoming season, we will also be getting a little taste of that "My Hero Academia Life" to make the time pass a little faster. Here's a look at the key art for the first one, and we will meet you on the other side with all the details we know so far:

My Hero Academia 2 OVAs Set to Premiere Before Season 6
Image: Crunchyroll

A poster released for April's Fool without Deku, Todoroki, or Bakugo made us all wonder. However, that same poster turned out to be for one of the OVAs that will be released: Hero League Baseball. In it, the hero teams made of different agencies are supposed to face one another in a baseball league the heroes have set up. The teams have to call on members from other schools and agencies to get a chance to win this competition. As for the second OVA, details will be released at a later date. Hero League Baseball is to be released in theaters in Japan from June 16 to 19 before being released onto streaming services (though dates for other countries have not been announced yet).

That said, HERO FES 2022, the My Hero Academia Ultra Event is set for July 24th where the first episode of My Hero Academia season 6 will screen before its premiere in Fall 2022. This OVA that was announced reminds me of that episode of Jujutsu Kaisen where they had the baseball competition between schools, but I wonder if their powers will come into play or if they will have to set their powers aside for this little tournament. Not to mention, it seems like an attempt to have some light moments in the show before things get turned upside-down. I know I felt that way with some of the episodes during the previous season, as if we were given these precious moments before things would take pretty dark turns. Whatever the case, we're looking forward to what the summer has to offer!

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