My Hero Academia Season 5 E06 "Foresight" Class 1B Shows Off & Ties Up

Class 1-B shows off their growth and ties up 1-to-1 with Class 1-A on this week's episode of My Hero Academia. The pace continues to slow down as it is the calm before the storm and the joint training arc continues with Class 1-A vs Class 1-B. At first, I was not quite sure how to really feel since it is a little slow while we are re-introduced to all the characters and how much they have grown. They have done a good job so far in refreshing our memories and showing us how far they have come along since they first started, especially with the students of Class 1-B. I am especially happy we get to finally see them more fleshed out rather than just gimmicky in the background.

My Hero Academia
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Round two continues where it left off. On Class 1-A: we have Momo, Toru, Tokoyami, and Yuga versus Class 1-B: Itsuka, Shihai, Manga, and Kinoko. In the last episode, Class 1-B turned the tables in their favor thanks to Kinoko's mushrooms sprouting all over the place as well as all over Momo and Toru.  Manga then proceeds to use his powers to separate the team of Class 1-A, which he manages successfully leaving Momo trapped against Itsuka without back-up aiming to take down the leader of the team. In the midst of the mushroom confusion, Manga gets the upper hand against Tokoyami and Shihai gets to capture Yuga.

While Class 1-A manages to successfully battle back, quickly think on their feet, and improvise beautifully; Class 1-B still gets to keep them at bay and 1-up them winning 4-0 and capturing the whole team of Class 1-A. They definitely did a great job in showing how much they have truly grown and how much they manage to inspire one another to keep going and doing better. I also love how they are always shown as comrades that respect each other with a healthy dose of competition… Granted, with a few overly passionate exceptions. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the teams of Round 3 in action in the next episode of My Hero Academia.

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