My Hero Academia Season 5 E12 Review: One For All/All For One Explored

The connection between One For All and All For One is explored in this week's episode of My Hero Academia, "The New Power and All For One". The episode picks up with the after-training review with Aizawa and Vlad. Shinso mentioned how inspired he was to not give up after seeing the Hero class in action- so cute considering his speech before the group combat training began. And of course, Deku being the eternal cheerleader and raving about how far Shinso has come along and his mastery of the binding cloth– even compared him to Aizawa himself. It was nice to see how supportive both classes were of him and how they all wished he would join their class. Later on, we do see it has been decided that Shinso will join one of the classes in a meeting between instructors. Present Mic then brings up to Aizawa how similar to him Shinso is and asks him if he sees himself in the kid and mentions if it is about Shirakumo… Are we about to find out some heart-wrenching backstory?

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This week though, All Might surprised us all by inviting Bakugo to the usual Deku-All Might discussions in his office. It seemed Deku was also shocked to see him there, but considering Bakugo is keenly aware of One For All it makes sense– even more so after the shift in attitude we have been seeing no matter how small. All Might confessed he did not know about the previous wielder of One For All and it seems Nana did not know of him either, at least to his knowledge. However, it was Bakugo who first brought up the possible connection between One For All and All For One: not only did it come from him, but it also has the power to hold multiple quirks within itself.

I enjoyed seeing Class 1-A and Class 1-B coming together to mingle and celebrate a successful training– I am a sucker for a big cast of awesome characters. Shoto has become the softest most perceptive boi with Deku, bringing up his new power. We see Bakugo pick up on this and think to himself how sharp and dull Shoto can be at the same time. Anyway, it seems there might also be another relationship on the mend between Shoto and Endeavor as he texted his dad requesting to be trained on how to use Flashfire. Later on, we get to see some familiar faces: Eri and Mirio. It seems, like with Deku, Monoma is unable to copy Eri's power and calls it blank, meaning it takes more than just having the power and he is not able to build up whatever it takes to use it. It was a bit disappointing as Aizawa was hoping someone could help Eri control her power and train.

For such a fast-paced episode a lot sure happened: Bakugo and Shoto were finally able to obtain their hero licenses and can finally join the rest of Class 1-A in doing hero work. On the way back to school they come across some trouble and are able to put to use their brand new licenses while kicking some ass and protecting people in the midst of it with not so much damage. Bakugo has definitely come a long way and manages to keep his barking to a minimum gaining the respect Slidin' Go who is impressed by how they managed to take a whole team of villains as students. They are then welcomed to a little surprise party hosted by the rest of the class to celebrate their success. I used to hate very fluffy episodes, but My Hero Academia has managed to always get me to always love these slice-of-life moments between the characters that I cannot help but always feel warm inside whenever I watch them.

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