"Scrubs": JD Inspiration Handling LA Hospital's COVID-19 Response

From Bill Lawrence, the creator of Scrubs, we learned what the inspiration for Dr. "JD" John Dorian (Zach Braff) is up to. Time to update your headcanon, so turn on some early 2000's college rock and prepare to be excited and inspired by what our real-life "JD" has been up to:

You read that right:

Working the COVID command center today. I'm so proud to be working with these nurses, docs and staff @PermanenteDocs

You may recognize Dr. Jon Doris from his tiny cameo in the season 8 episode "My Finale" or from his name in the credits of Scrubs where he and his wife Dolly Klock served as medical advisers for the show. Doris and Lawrence were best friends at the College of William and Mary, then Lawrence ended up in Hollywood making shows and Doris doing his medical residency. Hence, the creation of Scrubs.

Jon Doris and Dolly Klock, inspirations for the characters JD and Elliot on Scrubs
Dolly Klock and Jon Doris, inspirations for the characters JD and Elliot on Scrubs

It's really inspiring to know these real life heroes are out there doing this work. So many of these folks are literally putting their lives on the line, going in to treat patients without adequate masks and protection. At least two nurses have already died, and even though dumb politicians turn health care professionals into their coronavirus punching bags, it's good to remember the real people behind all of this.

Real people like Doris, who change their clothes in their garage to make sure they don't infect their family.

And thinking back to Scrubs, it's remembering all of the essential support staff who make things run. Nurses like Carla actually do most of the direct care of patients, especially if you're someone dealing with a disease like coronavirus. And it's the janitors of the world who keep things clean– as a clip from the episode "My Cabbage" recently went viral as it helps demonstrate the importance of social distancing, washing your hands, not touching your face, etc:

It's also nice to see the real JD working for a Kaiser Permanente hospital. As one of the largest not-for-profit medical groups, Kaiser literally is putting patients over profit (because they don't make any).

I'm glad it's the "Real JD" running this, because you know who has two thumbs and I don't want running COVID-19 response at a for-profit hospital? Bob Kelso.

"Scrubs": JD Inspiration Handling LA Hospital's COVID-19 Response

Let's all take a moment and thank those real life heroes working to treat people, and for whom our social distancing is vitally important so we don't get sick and flood their hospitals. Thanks, Real JD, and every other doctor, nurse, janitor, or support staff helping sick people.

You can stream all nine seasons of Scrubs on Hulu. I highly recommend at least the first three. And if you want to take your obsession to the next level, you can order some Scrubs Funko Pops and have your own quarantine with JD, Turk, and Elliot.

And if you'd like some more of Jon Doris, watch this behind the scenes documentary on Scrubs:

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