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Why Trigun Stampede Deserved to Be on My Must-Binge Anime List

Continuing my quest to catch up on my anime must-binge list, I tackled Trigun Stampede - and it more than lived up to all of the hype.

Article Summary

  • A full binge-watch of Trigun Stampede, highly recommended for its animation and writing.
  • Vash shines as the good-natured protagonist among richly developed characters.
  • Compares Trigun Stampede's thematic depth on belonging, loss, and family to classics.
  • Eager anticipation for a second season reflecting on the impactful finale.

Continuing my quest to catch up on and binge my list of anime, I tackled Trigun Stampede. I must admit, it was another binge in one sitting because it was so good – and Vash is a total good boi, and already cannot wait for a second season to get more of him. It was a beautifully animated show with fantastic writing and catchy music. I enjoyed it from beginning to end and

I currently see my anime-watching habits as a video game; my main quest is to catch up on all the anime I've been meaning to watch. But even when I do, I am also free-roaming the world of One Piece since it is the longest-running anime on my list so weekends are for One Piece mostly. Anyway, I digress: my favorite part of Trigun Stampede (next to Vash, of course) was definitely the animation – crisp, beautiful, and simply fantastic. Definitely my other favorite aspect of Trigun was the animation and character designs. Also, quite closely, the soundtrack – another great aspect of this show. I love it when the music sets the tone and sometimes takes the lead from the visuals.

And talking about Vash, I think the moment we get to meet him and his poster is brought up is the one moment that represents this show, the character, and what we are in for. I laughed and teared up and ultimately screamed a lot at my screen. The characters we are introduced to are multifaceted, and some of them might make us hate them before we care for them and vice versa… except for Millions Knives… We could all see he was a douche from moment one. I loved Meryl and De Niro, but Nicholas Wolfwood was the other show-stopper. My roommate was the one who pointed out his giant cross and the symbolism behind it; from that moment on, I knew he literally had a huge cross/burden to bear. That said, the characters and character development were on point – along with the dialogue. Fantastic story and writing through and through. I mean, at its core, any story about belonging, loss, and family will always hit and be relatable even more so with such gray characters.

Trigun Stampede: A Gem to Binge on Crunchyroll
Image: Crunchyroll Screencap (Trigun Stampede)

As always, I am blown away by good anime bois like Vash. I love that even when he is thrown into every situation, he manages to stay true to himself and change the lives of those around him. Even if he messes up in the process, I love how his character and intentions shine through, just like Millions Knives' pretentiousness. I also love the contrast between Vash and Wolfwood and how great the characters play off of one another. I feel bad for Vash and love how different he turned out from Knives, even after going through such a horrific past. I mean, I would hate humanity, too, if they used my people to death. I think it is a subject that will always remain relevant considering society's current issues, but that is a subject from another day.

I already cannot wait for a second season. It was truly messed up how things turned out for both Vash and Nai at the end of the day; it was very Professor X & Magneto— a race to save their race, different sides of the same coin with completely different approaches. It also reminded me of Lio in Promare. Actually, the beautiful shots and the use of color really reminded me of Promare, along with the subject at hand: the extermination of your kind and the need for freedom. Once again, Trigun Stampede was a fantastic anime that I could not tear my eyes away from from beginning to end.

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