WWE Draft Bonus Round on Talking Smack Breaks Up Heavy Machinery

Following night one of the WWE Draft on WWE Friday Night Smackdown last night, WWE revealed more draft picks on Talking Smack Saturday. In one more round of picks, the final draft picks were made, and the remaining unpicked superstars from the Friday night pool were officially named free agents.

The official logo for the WWE Draft
The official logo for the 2020 WWE Draft

WWE Draft Bonus Round on Talking Smack

  1. Humberto Carillo drafted to Raw.
  2. Murphy drafted to Smackdown.
  3. Tucker drafted to Raw.
  4. Kalisto drafted to Smackdown.
  5. Drew Gulak drafted to Raw.


In a surprising twist, the WWE Draft picks on Talking Smack featured more cross-brand changes than most of the rounds on Raw. Humberto Carillo stays on Raw, but he's broken up with the Mysterio family, with whom has been affiliated. That means maybe he can finally get a push on his own… or fade into obscurity. It is Raw, after all. Murphy, on the other hand, moves to Smackdown to join Seth Rollins and continue their feud with the Mysterios.

Tucker moving to Raw means the end of Heavy Machinery for now… unless Otis intends to use his Money in the Bank contract to cash in on Drew McIntyre and wins. Kalisto is drafted to Smackdown, while Gran Metalik and that damn furry, Lince Dorado, haven't been drafted yet so that probably means the end of Lucha House Party as a trio… though it seemed the group was headed that way anyway. Finally, Drew Gulak, who has been showing up on Raw anyway, is officially drafted there.

This leaves as free agents Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado, Shorty G, and Mickie James, so they could end up on either brand (or not get used at all). The WWE Draft will continue on Monday Night Raw with a whole new pool of superstars to choose from.


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