WWE Hoping Everyone Has Forgotten About Forgotten Sons' BLM Tweet

It looks like WWE is planning to bring back The Forgotten Sons, based on Twitter posts by the beleaguered stable's three members. All three Forgotten Sons posted a photo or video of the group, each with a different caption. Former TNA wrestler and Iraq War veteran Jaxson Ryker posted on Instagram, "Forgotten Sons….. Time to return. @wwe #wwesmackdown #CantStopUs."  Wesley Blake wrote, "Walking into this wrestling weekend like…. #SmackdownOnFox #SummerSlam #Raw #TakeoverXXX #ThunderDome." And former marine Steve Cutler quoted Blake's post and added, "T H U N D E R D O M E."

The Forgotten Sons have been missing from Smackdown since June, when Jaxson Ryker found himself in hot water for tweeting during the Black Lives Matter protests, supporting WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump's plans to quell the protests with military force. Ryker tweeted "Thankful for the @POTUS we have! God bless America. Built of freedom. Forgotten No More." Dozens of Ryker's fellow wrestlers called him out and denounced the tweet. Even Ryker's two teammates distanced themselves. President Trump's large adult son, however, tweeted in support of Ryker. At the same time, someone unearthed a Facebook post from 2019 in which Ryker criticized the Black Lives Matter movement. "Pretty touchy subject but all this black lives matter garbage baffles me," Ryker wrote in the post. "I challenge anyone of any color or race to go watch 12 years a slave, the movie and realize how good you all actually have it. Learn heritage. Chris, Gandhi, Budda; They all taught love and caring for others. This is getting out of hand. I Pray for this nation daily."

After that, WWE took the Forgotten Sons off Smackdown and they haven't been heard from since. Until now. Based on the Instagram posts, it looks like they could be set to return, either at SummerSlam or maybe even at NXT Takeover tonight. Will the previous controversy be forgotten by fans? That remains to be seen.

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