WWE NXT Recap: Adam Cole Has Something to Say; Six-Man Tag Team Match

Hey gang!  The last time we saw Adam Cole live on NXT, he had just been defeated by Kyle O'Reilly in an unsanctioned match and was getting carried out of the arena on a stretcher and wearing a neck brace.  Well, tonight we will get our first words from the former leader of the Undisputed ERA and hear how he's feeling, along with what he's planning to do once he's medically cleared to compete again.

NXT Recap:
The card for tonight's episode of NXT, courtesy of WWE.

Mercedes Martinez vs Dakota Kai (with NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez)

NXT Recap:
Mercedes Martinez vs Dakota Kai, courtesy of WWE.

Some women's singles action to kick things off tonight.  They lock up and Kai tries some holds on Martinez, but Martinez is too powerful and is able to escape.  After a very botched fall, Martinez takes over with a series of slams and finishes with a sidewalk slam for two.

As Martinez whips Kai onto her shoulders, Kai reverses into a DDT for a two count.  Kai takes over now and chokes Martinez on the ropes before the ref breaks it.  She then hammers the grounded Martinez with punches, but Martinez gets to her feet to fight back.  Kai is able to hit a backbreaker for another two count.

Kai locks in a hold on the mat, but Martinez gets out and gets to the corner.  Kai tries a running boot but misses and hangs herself up. Martinez takes advantage and punches her before hitting a cliffhanger for a two count.

Martinez hammers Kai in the corner, but Kai drop toe holds her into the bottom turnbuckle and hits a running strike, knocking Martinez out of the ring. Martinez crawls back in, but Kai is all over her with stomps before getting a bow and arrow stretch locked in.  They exchange some rolling reversals before Kai switches to a reverse armbar.

Martinez powers up and they exchange punches and Kai works on Martinez in the corner before trying another armbar to Martinez, but she rolls Kai over for a pin attempt.  Kai gets out and they head out of the ring. Martinez tackles Kai into the apron and tosses her back in, but Kai kicks her and hits a codebreaker through the ropes for another two count.

Martinez rallies and hits a spinning punch on Kai as she is running.  She then hits a double under hook suplex and keeps it locked in for two more suplexes.  Kai rolls out of the ring and Martinez follows her. Martinez and Gonzalez then have a staredown on the outside before Gonzalez tries to punch her. Martinez dodges it and knocks her out, before heading back into the ring after Kai and kneeing her in the face.

She gets Kai on her shoulders, but Gonzalez gets involved and kicks Martinez down as the ref calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Mercedes Martinez

After, Gonzalez tosses Martinez out of the ring and stomps her on the outside.  She then throws Martinez hard into the crowd barrier and the ring post.  She then gets Martinez on her shoulder and running charges her into the crowd barrier.

NXT Recap:
Raquel Gonzalez destroys Mercedes Martinez, courtesy of WWE.

NXT Women's Tag Team champions Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon are interviewed backstage about their match tonight and their title defense next week against Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell.  They say they're focused on tonight's match and then they are interrupted by someone bringing them flowers.  Franky Monet shows up and reads the card on the flowers, which she says reads "Love, Dexter Lumis."  Blackheart and Moon try getting rid of the flowers with neither wanting them.

We now see earlier today, when Cameron Grimes entered a local jewelry shop.  He makes a loud ass of himself there, saying he wants the most expensive watch in the city.  As the jeweler helps him, it says "To Be Continued…"

Next, we have Grizzled Young Veterans in the ring to cut a promo.  They trash talk tonight's six-man tag match main event and say MSK are taking any match to avoid facing them.  They say they are the leaders of the NXT tag division and should be champions.

They are interrupted by Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa.  Ciampa says they and the GYV are pretty similar as they're both veteran teams and leaders.  He says they also want to face MSK and become tag champs.  He then says Thatcher has been watching tape on GYV.  Thatcher brings up the chant from a UK show where the crowd chanted "Shoes off if you hate Gibson!"

GYV have heard enough and they come to blows, with Ciampa & Thatcher chasing them out of the ring.

Now we go backstage, where Killian Dain & Drake Maverick are being interviewed about their match with Imperium tonight.  Maverick asks how that match came about?  Dain says he asked for it, which angers Maverick.  He says he thinks he's going to get jumped and Dain will join Imperium, or he'll disappear and he'll get jumped by all of them alone.  Dain tells him he has to have faith and Maverick asks if he quoted George Michael at him?

Now we see Tian Sha standing in the dark and saying something in Chinese for a few seconds.  That's it.  I don't know how else to describe it.

Next, we get a video package of all the good work WWE does with kids through Make-A-Wish.

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott is in his studio and cuts a promo of Leon Ruff about how he jumped him two weeks ago.  Swerve says he's actually proud of him, cause he didn't know he had it in him.  He says a ring can no longer contain them though and proposes a Falls Count Anywhere match next week.

NXT Recap:
Swerve challenges Leon Ruff, courtesy of WWE.

Toni Storm vs Zayda Ramier

NXT Recap:
Toni Storm vs Zayda Ramier, courtesy of WWE.

Before the match, Storm grabs a mic and says Zoey Stark owes her a thank you cause she made her famous.  She says ultimately though, she'll just be a footnote in her career and will end Zoey Stark.

Storm attacks Ramier hard with running strikes and hard Irish whips by her hair.  She then hits a running clothesline on the bottom rope and hits a backbreaker submission, while she screams Zoey Stark's name.

Ramier tries punching back, but Storm uppercuts her into the corner.  Ramier again tries punching her off, but Storm hits a big German suplex and a running uppercut in the corner.  She sets her up for the Storm Zero, but tosses her aside and puts Ramier on the top turnbuckle.

Zoey Stark runs down to distract her and Ramier fights back, knocking Storm from the top.  Ramier then hits a Shooting Star Press for the pinfall.

Winner: Zayda Ramier

Stark celebrates on the stage with Ramier as Storm freaks out in the ring.

We see Legado del Fantasma backstage, as they tell Kushida and MSK that they all got lucky beating them, but tonight they will make a statement before they get their titles.

We now see Bronson Reed making his way to the entranceway, but he runs into NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae.  They have a staredown before Reed walks away.  Austin Theory then dips his head out and asks his friends why they're standing in the dark?

LA Knight cuts a backstage promo where he thanks Indi Hartwell for distracting Dexter Lumis last week and says she should be interested in him instead.  EverRise sneaks into the interview as Knight walks away, but they're shut down.

NXT Recap:
LA Knight sends a message to Indi Hartwell, courtesy of WWE.

Bronson Reed vs Austin Theory (with The Way)

NXT Recap:
Bronson Reed vs Austin Theory, courtesy of WWE.

They lock up and test each other's strength, exchanging shoves to the corner.  Reed gets Theory in a side headlock, which Theory reverses.  Reed whips Theory into the ropes and punches him out of the ring.  Theory gets back in and they exchange punches.  Theory tries a running shoulder, but Reed allows him to bounce off of him.

They head out of the ring and Gargano and Reed mouth off to each other.  Reed gets back into the ring and Theory hits him with a high standing dropkick.  Reed rolls out and Gargano superkicks him while the ref is distracted.  Theory then hits a vaulting crossbody onto Reed to the outside.  The Way all taunt the grounded Reed (except Hartwell, who is pouting and upset).  Theory throws Reed into the ring steps, before tossing him back into the ring.

Theory locks in a rear-naked choke, before stomping on Reed and locking in a chin lock.  Reed powers out and tries punching, but Theory is quick a stomps on him.  Reed hits him with a military press a then a body splash, followed by a chokeslam.  He then hits a running senton splash onto the grounded Theory for a two-count.

Reed goes for a running splash into the corner, but Theory drop toe holds him into the turnbuckle and hits a blockbuster for a two-count.  Theory tries to get Reed on his shoulders, but can't lift him.  Reed then hits Theory with a Samoan drop for two.  He then tries a vertical suplex, but Theory slips out and superkicks Reed.  Theory then tries a suplex of his own, but Reed reverses to hit the suplex.

We now see Dexter Lumis on the stage, slowly walking towards the ring.  Gargano grabs LeRae and runs.  Hartwell tries walking away, upset, but Lumis walks after her.  She slides into the ring and Lumis hops to the apron.  They look at each other and Hartwell tells him "Shut up!  You talk too much!" Yet Lumis isn't saying anything.

Reed whips Theory towards them, but Lumis throws Hartwell out of the way and is knocked from the apron.  Gargano gets punched off the apron by Reed before he heads up and hits the Tsunami for the pinfall.

Winner and NXT North American Title #1 Contender: Bronson Reed

After the match, Reed taunts The Way from the ring.

NXT Recap:
Bronson Reed is again the number one contender for the North American title, courtesy of WWE.

NXT Tag champs MSK & NXT Cruiserweight champ Kushida are interviewed backstage.  They say they're excited for the match tonight and MSK thanks Kushida for taking them under his wing.  Kushida says they will show them they're champions and tonight, they're MSKushida.

Backstage, The Way is licking their wounds while Gargano yells at the team and says this is Lumis's fault.  LeRae interjects that it's also Blackheart & Moon's fault because they're trying to steal Lumis from Hartwell.  This pisses Hartwell off and she charges away.

Killian Dain & Drake Maverick vs Imperium

NXT Recap:
Killian Dain & Drake Maverick vs Imperium, courtesy of WWE.

Dain and Aichner start it off, with Dain overpowering him.  Aichner tries Irish whipping Dain, but Dain stops him.  They trade blows before Dain hits a running crossbody.  He gets Aichner on his shoulder, but he reaches Barthel for the tag.  Dain clotheslines him out of the ring.

Barthel charges back in and is uppercut and slammed.  Maverick tags in and tries whipping Barthel into the corner, but he's too small, and instead, Maverick goes low with some sliding dropkicks and a hurricanrana.  Maverick goes to the top rope, but Barthel catches him and arm drags him off the top rope.

Aichner tags in and they double team Maverick as the ref holds Dain back.  Maverick drop toe holds Barthel and hits Aichner, before trying to reach the tag, but Aichner grabs him.  Aichner drops a couple of hard elbows on Maverick and then throws him around by his belt.

Maverick fights back now with punches and tries leaping over Aichner to reach Dain, but Aichner slams him down.  He tries another elbow, but Maverick dodges it.  Maverick crawls to his corner to tag Dain, but Barthel pulls Dain off the apron.  Aichner hits a running kick to the back of Maverick's head and then they double team Maverick.

Dain gets in the ring and manhandles both men, tossing them from the ring.  He follows Barthel out, but Barthel hits him with a boot to the face.  Alexander Wolfe then grabs a chair and is about to hit Dain, but pauses as if he can't do it.  Barthel yells at him but is hit with a suicide dive by Maverick.  Dain and Maverick get to the apron and Dain throws Maverick over the top rope onto Aichner.

Dain goes to slam Barthel on the outside, but he sneaks off and throws Dain into the steps.  In the ring, Maverick goes to the top rope and hits Aichner with a flying crossbody, but Aichner rolls through it and lifts Maverick so he and Barthel can hit the Eurobomb for the pinfall.

Winners: Imperium

Next, we get a taped promo from Pete Dunne, where he says he's the toughest man in NXT.  He sees he will take back the Cruiserweight title from Kushida, he'll take the North American title from Gargano, and the NXT title from Karrion Kross.  He says he's the baddest man in NXT and he dares anyone to try to prove him wrong.

NXT Recap:
Pete Dunne is out to prove he's the toughest in NXT, courtesy of WWE.

We're back at the Jewelry shop again as Grimes thinks he's found the perfect watch and says he'll take it.  As he looks at his prized watch, someone says "it's a nice watch kid" and we see a gold watch held next to it.  "But it's not a million-dollar watch!" We then see "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase as he laughs hard in Grimes's face and walks off.  Grimes is furious.  "That damn Ted DiBiase!!!"

Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon vs Aliyah & Jessi Kamea (with Robert Stone)

NXT Recap:
Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon vs Aliyah & Jessi Kamea, courtesy of WWE.

Some P.A.s present the tag champs with more flowers and candy at ringside as they enter, but they're hit from behind by Hartwell & LeRae and thrown over the crowd barrier.  They then hit the champs with fruit baskets and cupcakes and Hartwell smashes a candy box over Blackheart's head.

In the ring, Aliyah, Kamea, and Stone all celebrate with the tag titles, acting like they won the championships.

We now see Adam Cole in a poolside sitdown interview from earlier today.

NXT Preview For 4/27: Adam Cole Returns Bay-Bay!
Adam Cole will return to NXT this week for the first time since his unsanctioned match, courtesy of WWE.

Cole is on his phone and arrogantly asks if they're going to get this interview going.  The interviewer tells him he's just waiting on him.  Cole is asked how his recovery is and he says he's been better and he's been worse.  He names his accomplishments as champion and that he worked through injuries during that run.  He's then asked if it was a mistake to turn on his teammates and Cole says he doesn't make mistakes and he didn't want to carry them anymore.

He continues that he's been carrying NXT on his back for four years and as far as he's considered, they turned their backs on him. He's asked if Kyle O'Reilly is now the face of NXT and Cole says he got lucky beating him and he's not ready for the main event and he's not ready to be champion.  He's asked about Kross and the NXT championship picture.  Cole says Kross is good, but he doesn't know if he's great yet.  He says Kross hasn't had to deal with him yet and when he decides to go after the title again, the clock's ticking.

He's asked where he goes from here and Cole says that's none of anyone's business and that when he returns, he'll be the best Adam Cole anyone has ever seen.  He then chews out the interviewer for how he conducted this and talks down to him for making him wait.

NXT Recap:
Adam Cole wasn't pleased with his interview tonight, courtesy of WWE.

We transition to seeing the interview on a tv monitor in a room, where O'Reilly is sitting and watching intently.  He shakes his head as Cole storms out of the interview.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida & NXT Tag Team Champions MSK vs Legado del Fantasma

NXT Recap:
Kushida & MSK vs Legado del Fantasma, courtesy of WWE.

Kushida and Wilde start as Wilde tries some strikes, but Kushida slides out of the way to dodge them.  Kushida gets a wristlock in, but Wilde slams him off.  As he taunts, Kushida locks it in again and tags Carter, who does a vaulting splash.  He then tags Lee, who does his own splash.  Wilde fights back and tags Mendoza and they double sidewalk slam and double dropkick Lee.

Lee rallies and tags in Carter and they dropkick all of their opponents before tagging in Kushida, who handstand kicks Wilde off of the apron into his partners.

Escobar and Carter face off in the ring now and Escobar gets a wristlock on, but Carter flips out of it.  Escobar avoids a dropkick and locks in a grounded armlock before stomping on Carter.  He gets him to the ropes and chops him before hitting a running dropkick, which knocks him out of the ring.

He tries to slam him into the announce table, but Carter reverses and slams Escobar.  They get back in the ring and Escobar drops Carter's shoulder onto his knee and locks in a step-over armlock.  Mendoza tags in and wrenches Carter's hurt arm.  Wilde tags in and tries a suplex, but Carter hits an inside cradle for two.

Wilde then arm whips Carter to the mat and taunts him.  Mendoza tags in and stomps Carter in the corner.  Wilde tags back in and punches Carter down.  He then hits a suplex for two.  Escobar tags in and stomps on Carter.  He hits a single knee face crusher and again goes after his arm.  He tries a backdrop, but Carter flips out and tags Kushida.  Kushida explodes on his opponents, taking them all out with kicks and elbows.

Lee tags in and they double team Wilde with a standing moonsault for two before Mendoza breaks it up.  Wilde and Mendoza head to the outside, while Kushida holds the ropes so MSK can hit a double suicide dive to them on the outside.  Escobar then grabs Kushida to the outside and powerbombs him through the announce table.

Carter goes to check on Kushida, but Mendoza throws him into the ring steps.  In the ring, Lee fights off all three opponents, but Wilde hits him with a dropkick, and Mendoza and Escobar each tag in to hit running clotheslines in the corner to Lee.  Escobar hits a running double knee before hitting a suplex, before Wilde tags in and they hit a double team move for a near two count.

Mendoza tags in and Lee tosses Wilde out of the ring and then tosses Mendoza.  Escobar tries a frog splash, but Lee rolls out of the way.  He then superkicks Mendoza and Pele kicks Escobar.  Carter gets to the apron and holds out his hand for Lee to tag.

Carter dropkicks Escobar, but is taken out by Escobar.  Kushida now runs away from the medics working on him and runs into the ring, only to eat a Phantom Driver from Escobar.  Carter then gets hit with a double team kick by Mendoza and Wilde for the pinfall.

Winners: Legado del Fantasma

After the match, the team stands over their beaten opponents with their own titles, posing over them as NXT goes off the air.

NXT Recap:
Legado del Fantasma made a statement tonight, courtesy of WWE.

Pretty good show with a really good main event match.  It feels like we're in the seed-planting stage of the storytelling right now, so nothing huge, but fun nonetheless.

Till next time friends!

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