WWE Smackdown: Edge Returns Again with No Daniel Bryan to Ruin It

Once again, WWE Smackdown served as a weekly sleep aid for anyone looking to go to bed early on a Friday night. Fear not if you missed it: we've got all WWE's YouTube videos from the show here, and we'll tell you what happened, and you can decide whether it's worth your time to watch the clips with our help (spoiler alert: it's not worth it).

WWE Smackdown: Edge Returns Again with No Daniel Bryan to Ruin It
We know how you feel, Edge. It seems like we've seen all this before too.

If you were wondering whether the writers of Smackdown were being more creative than usual when they booked an opening promo with Seth Rollins and Bianca Belair instead of one with Roman Reigns, don't get your hopes up. The purpose was to set up a mixed tag match between Belair and Cesaro against Rollins and Bayley, as well as to make sure we're aware that no storylines have progressed despite the Hell in a Cell PPV and we can look forward to the same matches for the next month at minimum. You've seen this all before, so skip it this time.

Rick Boogs played guitar badly as Shinsuke Nakamura was officially coronated as king of Smackdown. This made Baron Corbin cry because he lost all his money because of this (apparently he put all his money in his stupid plastic crown). Skip this nonsense and poor musicianship.

Big E finally defeated Apollo Crews! No, not to win the Intecontinental Championship. That would represent storyline progression, and this show isn't about that, remember? Instead, Big E qualifies for Money in the Bank. Instead of watching this, just imagine the seventeen other times you've seen this match and imagine Big E winning.

After Sonya Deville named Carmella as Smackdown's first entrant in the women's Money in the Bank match, Liv Morgan remembered she still works here and took issue with it. She fought Carmella for a slot in the match and won, but Carmella keeps her slot too, for reasons. At least it was different (or at least different people in the same situation we've seen a billion times), so go ahead and watch.

The Reigns family drama this week focused on Jimmy Uso trying to prove he can be as worthy a henchman for Roman as his brother Jey. That culminated in Uso beating Dolph Ziggler in the main event match, which doesn't really prove anything. Roman was barely impressed and more interested in cutting that long, boring promo he meant to do at the start of Smackdown at the end of Smackdown instead, but Edge interrupted, setting up a redo of that feud that Daniel Bryan ruined at WrestleMania time. Eh… might as well watch these.

Smackdown once again treads water this week as everyone is waiting for the post-pandemic era to begin. It isn't thrilling that we're going to be stuck watching most of the same feuds extend for another month, but at this point, what wrestling company isn't just killing time while waiting for the crowds to come back?

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