WWE Survivor Series – United Raw Dominates A Fractured Team Smackdown

Survivor Series has been second the longest-running WWE pay-per-view event, featuring the "Best of the Best" between Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown. The night kicked off in a fever of clips showing the rivalry that has been brewing between titans from each company; however, the most notable of the callbacks being to the Undertaker's epic career as the program set up the night for his final farewell.

WWE Survivor Series ket art for Sunday night's PPV (Image: WWE)
WWE Survivor Series key art for Sunday night's PPV (Image: WWE)

WWE Survivor Series Results Part 2 – Raw vs. Smackdown

Before the end of the deadman's era came to a close, the first fight of Survival Series set the tone with a five-on-five traditional series elimination match with the Phenomenal One AJ Styles entering the ThunderDome as the first representation of Team Raw. With team captain for the group being contested within the ranks, AJ's announcement about his role was interrupted by the entrance of Matt Riddle, who was quickly followed by Keith Lee, Braun Strowman, and Sheamus as the fifth man for Team Raw.

Friday Night Smackdown answered by sending Jey Uso out as their first representative, followed by Kevin Owens (the wildcard of the team), Otis, Seth Rollins, and finally King Corbin. Although Raw seemed to stand united in the center of the ring, Seth sauntered slowly to join his team. Going blow for blow, Jey and AJ did seem relatively evenly matched. Jey went for the first pin of the night but was quickly kicked out by AJ. Following a successful samoan drop, Jey tagged in Corbin (who won his part by knocking Rey Mysterio out of contention), who laid some blows on AJ before tagging in his teammate Otis.

This tag let AJ call for relief in his partner Matt Riddle, who attempted to climb the much larger Otis in an odd display of very different fighting styles. Otis is going for power, taking Matt's blows and devastating kicks and responding with his gyrating dancing moves. Dragging Matt to the corner of the arena, Otis tagged in Kevin Owens, who rained punishing blows on his opponent in a frightening display of ruthlessness. Matt did receive a kick from Kevin, which launched him into his corner to successfully tag in Sheamus, as Kevin tagged in Seth Rollins.

However, in a surprising display, Seth Rollins went to his knees center ring and called for Sheamus to "Do Your Part," who responded in kind with a brogue kick. Seth allowed himself to be eliminated, acting a martyr for whatever cause he decided to laud for the evening. While Smackdown tried to regroup ringside, Braun took advantage of their lack of WORD and took the entire group out before tagging in Matt Riddle, who took a quick beatdown from King Corbin and tagged in Keith Lee. Corbin wisely bowed out and tagging in Otis, which showed the most exciting pair up of behemoths the night had seen yet. The two men stood in a stalemate center-right, with each man trying to overpower the other, but they seemed completely matching in strength. No amount of shoulder tackles from Keith would move Otis, who responded in kind with his own barrage of blows against his opponent. The two men attempted one after another to lift the other until Keith relented and tagged in Braun Strowman.

The teams continued in exchanges of tags, not wanting to let any many get spent in their matchups. Kevin Owens was a man possessed, launching AJ Styles into the air and out of the ring as if he weight nothing. He then landed a stunner on Owens, and Sheamus, and Matt Riddle in succession until AJ took advantage of his run to eliminate Kevin with a phenomenal forearm. Corbin did try to avenge his teammate, but team Raw was too united and intervened in the pin of their teammate before the ref could commit a full three count. Matt Riddle eliminated Corbin quickly and then had to defend himself from the rage of Jey Uso. Sheamus defended Riddle with a devastating brogue kick against Jey but couldn't quick pin the twin for the full three. Jey tagged in Otis, who ran through one after another of Team Raw who count not stop the working man. Braun tried to stop Otis, but it took multiple blows before managing to put Otis down in the center ring. With help from Matt Riddle, Braun managed to eliminate Otis, thus leaving team Smackdown with the one-person army of Jey Uso.

With nothing to lose, Jey launched himself off the top ropes into the five-person army of Team Raw, who stood ringside. His strategy was less than cautious, and he attempted to hit Monday Night's men hard, fast, and without hesitation. With multiple kicks, Jey planted man after man, but the teamwork from Raw prevented any pins from happening. Without a team to guide him, Jey missed Keith Lee's tag from AJ, who caught the last man standing from Smackdown and put him down with a perfectly executed spirit bomb. Thoroughly humiliated by the better united Team Raw, Smackdown obviously competed as five different men instead of coming together when it counted, and it showed in the score. Even if Raw had no official captain, their ultimate goal was to prevent their men from being eliminated, and their tactics secured them a hard victory over their Friday Night cohorts in Survival Series.

The MVPs of the night at Survival Series would have to be the lineup of Team Raw. Although Smackdown had the love-ability of Otis and the ruthless nature of Kevin Owens, in the end, it came down to who would work best together. One Seth Rollins set the tone of the match with Sheamus's sacrificial pin; it was obvious that victory was inevitable for the boys in red representing Monday Night Raw.

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