WWE TLC – New Day Loses Title to Hurt Business Under MVP's Management

The Raw Tag Team Championship followed the epic showdown between Carmella and Sasha Banks, with Sasha retaining the belt in the second match of the night for the WWE's TLC pay-per-view event. Although the evening at the ThunderDome so far saw the belts staying with their current owners, the third fight of the night introduced a long rolling feud that left the fate of the belt in more of a no man's land. The Hurt Business, consisting of Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin and led by MVP, had been taking to social media prior to the WWE TLC event making claims that the New Day have outlived their prime.

The New Day defend the Raw Tag Team Championships against Hurt Business at WWE TLC
The New Day defend the Raw Tag Team Championships against Hurt Business at WWE TLC.

WWE TLC Results Part 4

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston entered the ThunderDome with a much different vibe, literally tooting their own horns and holding their tag team belt high above their head. Despite their jovial entrance, Kingston planted Alexander when he attempted to rush the champ by planting a foot in the center of his face. New Day showed their experience from the beginning of the WWE TLC match, utilizing a series of quick tags to not only tire out Alexander but

Alexander was not match early on, with his only reprieve coming from his partner entering the ring to break up a pin from New Day. Woods was not bothered by the interruption and was only momentarily distracted by the Hurt Business playing fast and loose with the rules. While Woods handled Benjamin in the center of the ring, Kingston managed Alexander outside the ring. Alexander did counter Woods by slamming him headfirst into the turnbuckle and did go for the Hurt Business's first pin attempt of the night, but Woods managed to kick out at a two count. Benjamin took over for his partner to lay more pain on Woods in the center of the ring, with Kingston looking on and reaching hard for his partner to make a tag. Instead, Woods was passed between the Hurt Business who now went for the quick-tag strategy and took their time in tormenting New Day with these methods.

Woods finally tagged Kingston in, who launched himself from the tops ropes and rained hell on Benjamin with new energy. Even with the Hurt Business trying to play fast and loose with the rules and go two-at-a-time against Kingston, they were no match for his notorious energy. Even when Alexander attempted a pin, Woods was quick to act and broke up the count before Hurt Business could steal the title from the New Day.

MVP stood ringside and shouted directions to his team, but with New Day having more WWE TLC experience under their belt, the flow of the match seemed to skew more in their favor. Even with Benjamin's successful runs, Kingston had enough fight to at least resist a full run of moves to put him down.

Just as it seemed like Kingston had enough fight to keep the Hurt Business on their toes, Benjamin pulled off a last-minute super-plex, which was followed up with an immediate lumbar check from Alexander. The assault was too much for the New Day to fight off, and the isolation of Kofi Kingston ended up being all the Hurt Business needed to get a pin against the former champions. With Woods nowhere in sight to save his teammate, Kingston was successfully pinned much to MVP's chagrin, who was joined backstage by Bobby Lashley. In the first upset of the night for WWE's TLC event, the New Day watched as their titles left the ThunderDome under new ownership.

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