WWE's Corey Graves Throws Massive Twitter Tantrum Over Mild Criticism

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, here to bring you the latest wrestling news and hot goss! WWE announcer Corey Graves has never been known for showing restraint or good judgment in his social media presence, but even by his standards, Graves was unusually bothered by criticism of wrestling commentary that didn't mention him directly and may not have even actually been about him this week. The tweet that set Graves off came from former NXT wrestler turned indie wrestling commentator Alyssa Marino. Marino tweeted:

She later added:

Though Graves' name wasn't mentioned in the tweet, he must have been feeling guilty, because he responded, telling Marino to find a new line of work.

Craving attention, Graves also quote-tweeted a wrestling journalist to continue the slapfight after Marino ignored him.

Graves insisted that his mansplaining, of course, had nothing to do with gender.

He went on to remind people that he is, indeed, dating Carmella.

The next day, Graves didn't show any regret over his tantrum, but he did at least seemingly recognize the shitstorm he'd created.

It's unclear during which episodes Graves believes people are too sensitive on social media and when they are not sensitive enough. Though Graves seems to believe the reaction to his tweet was out of line, he has himself previously quit (and later returned to Twitter) after calling social media toxic over a verbal disagreement with CM Punk. One suspects the difference may be down to which side of the argument Corey Graves is on in any given dispute.

Regardless, mis amigos, we can all agree that, setting aside Graves's comments about the physical appearance of female wrestlers, WWE commentary, in general, is an abomination against the profession, completely unlistenable, and detrimental to the show even when its content is, as it usually is, banal, overproduced, laden with insipid catchphrases, juvenile, boring, unfunny, and not controversial in any way. And Corey Graves' sub-par Bobby Heenan impersonation is no better than the rest of it! Haw haw haw haw!

Until next time, comrades: socialism or death!

Corey Graves and Michael Cole terrorize the eardrums of viewers of WWE Friday Night Smackdown with their "commentary"
Corey Graves and Michael Cole terrorize the eardrums of viewers of WWE Friday Night Smackdown with their "commentary"

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