WWE's Corey Graves Is Tired of Toxic Social Media

Corey Graves, who is part of the announce team for both WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown Live, has had enough of social media, it seems. Graves took to Twitter (the number one social media outlet for posting grievances about social media outlets) to declare that "social media has become a very toxic place. People don't know where to draw the line." Graves said that "some things in life are more important than 'likes' and 'followers'," urging others to explore his findings.

It's unclear whether there was a specific incident that pushed Graves to apparently abandon Twitter, as he doesn't mention one and hasn't been involved in any high-profile social media feuds of late. The most recent involved comments Graves made trashing CM Punk after Punk's most recent UFC loss. However, doubling down on the statement, Graves posted a photo of his tweet to Instagram, indicating his ire isn't limited only to Twitter. It seems as though Graves may have left social media, or at least taken a break from it.

How will he react on Monday Night Raw tonight when Michael Cole repeatedly pushes WWE's Twitter hashtags for the various matches taking place inside the ring? Will Cole claim that Graves leaving Twitter is "trending worldwide?" We'll have to tune in to find out.

WWE's Corey Graves Is Tired of Toxic Social Media

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