Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 1 'Princes All' (SPOILER RECAP)

Wecome to Bleeding Cool's recap/overview of DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders season, as we take a look at the first episode 'Princes All.'

Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 1 'Princes All' (SPOILER RECAP)

The Watchtower. July 4, 24:16 EDT.

Following the events of the season two finale–namely Wally's apparent death while preventing the world from going BOOM!–Nightwing decides to step away from the team for awhile. Kaldur is made the team leader with M'gann as the director of field operations.

Markovburg. July 4, 22:16 EEST.

Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 1 'Princes All' (SPOILER RECAP)

Two years later, in the Markovburg Children's Hospital, a surgeon tells a young boy that no transplant donor could be found in time to save his sister, Ana, whose heart gave out. (note: Ana is not the same little girl from Markovia that Wally saved by delivering a donor heart in the season one episode 'Coldhearted'. That was Perdita – and apparently, Markovia has a glut of weak-hearted little girls on the transplant waiting list.) Ana is not dead, however: she is moved to a secret testing facility where a control disk is implanted into the back of her head and she is exposed to a tar-like substance that activates her meta-gene.

Rann. July 16, 00:16 UTC.

Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 1 'Princes All' (SPOILER RECAP)

An invading Amy attacks Rann by deploying its secret weapon: a creature with fire powers. Wonder Woman oversees the battle from above. The fire creature goes for Ice, whose powers do little to stop the creature. Black Lightning comes to Ice's aid and the creature seizes up and dies. Analysis of the creature indicates that it was a 14 year old human girl from earth whose heart gave out from the fighting – not from anything Static did to her.

The Watchtower. July 27, 19:57 EDT.

Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 1 'Princes All' (SPOILER RECAP)

The Justice League assembles for an emergency briefing following the discovery on Rann. Kaldur is the new leader of the Justice League and is addressed as Aquaman. Arthur Curry is not mentioned in the episode. Is he dead? Retired? Is he on the throne in Atlantis and Kaldur has taken his place in the League? Kaldur asks M'gann to accompany him to the meeting room, since she is the leader of the junior varsity squad.

Wonder Woman updates the League that the metahuman trafficking of kids and teens has reached unprecedented levels. The kids are popping up across the galaxy, where they are sold as weapons of mass destruction. Not only are they dangerous as weapons, but their appearance is undermining the League's efforts to keep the peace and restore its reputation following season two's trial on Brimbor.

On earth, UN Secretary General Lex Luthor continues to hamstring the League's efforts to find and stop the metahuman traffickers. Batman questions why the League continues to operate, knowing that it can't be effective in its mission and continue to be sanctioned by the UN. Batman, Green Arrow, and a number of other League members resign from the League in a pre-planned move, choosing to operate as vigilantes again. The two former League members take their sidekicks with them and leave the Watchtower. Kaldur orders a statement be drafted alerting the UN and essentially disavowing the former League members, so that the League can not be held responsible for whatever Batman and the others do next.

Jefferson Davis tells Aquaman that while he didn't know anything about the blind-side mass resignation, he did come in order to tender his resignation from the League in person. Batman tries to persuade Jeff to join him, but Jeff tells Batman that there's no way he could ever trust the Dark Knight after the stunt he just pulled and that he wants nothing to do with Batman Incorporated.

Moscow. July 28, 03:03 MSK.

Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 1 'Princes All' (SPOILER RECAP)

With Oracle guiding him, Nightwing busts a metahuman trafficking lab known as Bedlam. He frees the abducted kids and provides Oracle a sample of the tar-like substance for analysis. She confirms that the substance is used to activate the meta-gene, assuming the subject survives the activation process. Elements of the substance can only be found in Markovia.

Cat Grant is in Markovia, interviewing Prince Brion Markov while awaiting a press briefing by the Markovian king and queen. Brion keft Markovia after his sister was abducted exactly two years ago and has returned to bring the knowledge from the outside world to Markovia. At the press conference, the Markovs state that Quraci refugees at the Markovian border fleeing violence in their homeland will be welcomed into the country; and that on the second anniversary of Princess Tara's abduction, they are pledging all of Markovia's resources toward stopping the global metahuman trafficking.

In the royal palace, Brion receives confirmation from Dr. Jace that he has tested positive for the meta-gene, which makes it likely that Tara would have as well. Brion gives voice to the idea of Markovia forming its own metahuman military force to put a stop to the metahuman trafficking ring.

Star City. July 28, 07:16 PDT.

Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 1 'Princes All' (SPOILER RECAP)

Oracle updates Nightwing on a pair of possible leads in the trafficking investigation: the Children's Hospital, which is drawing a lot more electricity than it should; and a brilliant geneticist named Dr. Simon Ecks who is working at the hospital in a lowly intern position way beneath his station. Oracle tells Nightwing that they need some recruits for this mission. Nightwing goes to the house that Tigress and Roy (now going by Will) share and recruits her for the mission.

Markovburg. July 29, 03:00 EEST.

Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 1 'Princes All' (SPOILER RECAP)

In the early morning hours, a metahuman assassin breaks into the royal palace and assassinates the king and queen. The head of security–DeLamb, the queen's brother–manages to shoot and kill the assassin before he can escape.

Happy Harbor. July 29, 10:16 EDT.

Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 1 'Princes All' (SPOILER RECAP)

Conner is communicating telepathically with M'gann. He tells her that with Superman off in the galaxy doing the League's work, that he feels the increasing burden to step up and carry the mantle here on earth. Nightwing arrives and recruits Conner for the mission to Markovia, saying they'll be in and out in a day so Conner agrees to go.

Once Nightwing leaves, M'gann tells Conner that she wishes he had turned down the mission. She just lost a chunk of her team and was hoping to lean on Conner. Conner uses the opportunity to propose to M'gann, who says "Yes".

In Markovia, the head of security tells G. Gordon Godfrey that the assassin was a Quraci. Markovia is now under a state of martial law until every Quraci living in the country can be vetted. While Gregor, the heir to the throne, will be crowned king, because he is only 17 year old, DeLamb will serve as his regent until Gregor comes of age.

Brion tells his brother that he doesn't trust their uncle. Gregor agrees, but must go through with it because Markovia has to have a king. Brion agrees that Markovia needs a king and that it also needs a hero. Brion places a call to Dr. Jace.

Metropolis. July 29, 22:16 EDT.

Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3, Episode 1 'Princes All' (SPOILER RECAP)

Jeff visits Lynn and the girls at their home, tucking the girls into bed for the night. Jeff tells Lynn that he's done being a superhero. She tells Jeff that she believes that he thinks that right now, but she knows that it's not as easy as that to give up the life.

As if to prove her point, Nightwing attempts to recruit Jeff for the Markovia mission. Jeff tells Nightwing that even if he wanted to go–which he doesn't–he can't because his powers aren't working correctly anymore, which is why he quit the League. Nightwing tells Jeff that he needs the man – not the powers – and tells Jeff to meet the team at midnight

Metropolis. July 30, 00:00 EDT.

young justice outsiders s03e01

Nightwing meets Tigress and Conner at the Centennial Park zeta tube, with Jeff joining them for one last mission. Nightwing tells them that with the unrest in Markovia, their time is short, so he'll brief them on the way…

So see you back here next time for Young Justice: Outsiders s03e02 'Royal We' – and let us know what you thought about the third season premiere in the Comments below.

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