All Star Batman #1 Sells Around 350,000 Copies

GalleryComics_1920x1080_20160810_All_Star_BM_JRJR_Promo_5798f6522c4821.08133089 (1)We told you the other week that Harley Quinn #1 had sold 400,000 copies to comic book stores. Of course it managed this with plenty of exclusive retailer variant covers, which added 60-100,000 to the total.

Well, with far fewer exclusives, the more expensive All-Star Batman #1 by Scott Snyder, John Romita Jr and Declan Shalvey has still managed to clear around 350,000 in sales to comic book stores.

DC dominated marketshare and sales in July. Is there any doubt they are about to do the same in August as well?


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